Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eat: A Week in Raw Food Dinners

Every once in a while I'll have someone ask me what raw foodies eat on a daily basis without making their lives super complicated. By "super complicated," I mean, when you don't have to dehydrate, prep-prep, sprout, and do all the usual things that might make a lot of raw dishes pretty time consuming.

Here's almost a week's worth of dinners I made that all took less than 20 minutes to prep. And they were all deeeelicious and is generally what I make when I want to keep it relatively simple. Of course, it's usually paired with some fancier things like raw crackers and such. (I'll make large batches of those types of things over the weekend when I have more time.)

I would give you the recipes... but as usual, these recipes are ideas that caught my fancy when I got to the kitchen counter to make dinner, and they were not written down because they're based off of intuition and whatever my little hands could find in the pantry and fridge. I can give you general guidelines though! 

Tuna made of soaked sunflower seeds (usually a few hours before dinner), celery, dulse and kelp, lemon juice, mustard, sea salt, EVOO, black pepper, raw honey, dill, and parsley

Pad-thai sauce: peanut butter (or used raw almond butter to make it really raw, but we were out!), lime juice, lemon juice, liquid sweetener, ginger, tamari, sea salt, garlic

Ooo, I do have this recipe here (and a recycled photo, 'kay... guilty...)

Same Tuna recipe as Monday + halved avocados sprinkled with sea salt, lemon juice, nutritional yeast (and dulse if I'd had any!)

Raw Caesar Dressing loosely based off of Alissa Cohen's dressing, except with pumpking seeds instead of pine nuts (thanks for the trick Kristen!)... this is tastier to me and also drastically reduces the cost of this recipe! 

Spiralized Sweet Potato w/ improptu alfredo dressing (essentially the caesar dressing but made to taste more "creamy" with more nutritional yeast and a lot less garlic, oh, and maybe some macadamia nuts?)

Bon appétit! 

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