Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eat: Raw Vegan Cafe Liegeois

And once again, a stroke of culinary genius! Yet another one of my childhood favourites made vegan, and mostly raw! 

Whenever summer time is around the corner, (yes, all you Canadians, it did just get warm today, I KNOW I'm wishful thinking...) I start thinking about how much my sister and I loved Café Liégeois back in the day. Every summer when we went to France and got to eat at a restaurant, it was our dessert of choice. It was an unspoken rule that regardless of what we ate, we would still make room for one of these bad boys. I can only imagine what it would be like for our parents to have two small children on coffee and sugar! 

The real deal is pretty "unhealthy" stuff: coffee, cream (made with God only knows how many egg yolks), sugar and vanilla ice cream... The version I originally wanted to make would consist of a sweetened vegan coffee-like substance with raw vanilla ice cream dumped in and topped with coconut whipped cream. However, I'm giving you the lazy version that I ended up making. It hit so close to home, I could just imagine myself on an outdoor patio under the big platane trees of Provence.
Yields: 2 Servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes (+ time to overnight your coconut milk in the fridge)

For the Smoothie:
3 bananas, frozen
1 big handful of dates, pitted
1-1.5 cups of coconut water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon coffee beans

For the Whipped Cream:
Whipped coconut milk following this recipe (it's BRILLIANT! I tell you, BRILLIANT!)

1. Throw everything in your Vitamix with 1 cup of the coconut water and blend.
2. Add coconut water if you want a less creamy consistency. 
3. Top with Whipped Cream and deliciousness of your choice. Enjoy!

And because I can't help but give you some food history, here is the quick and dirty history of the Café Liégeois: First off, you probably won't be surprised to hear that the dessert was not in fact created in Liège, Belgium. (What is it with food misleadingly named after places they aren't from?) It was actually originally known in France as a Café Viennois, aka. viennese coffee. (As a side note, if ever you go to France, Chocolat Viennois is the ONLY way to order hot chocolate... and no, it's definitely not vegan. Viennois seems to be the French word for "and we dump cream on top"). Anyway, during WWI, Parisian cafés started renaming the dessert "café liégeois" instead of "café viennois", because a) the Viennese were the enemy (does this make anyone think of the whole Freedom Fries fiasco at all?) and b) to honour the Belgian alliance and their embattled forts, and the newer name stuck ever since! There ya go!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eat: A Week in Raw Food Dinners

Every once in a while I'll have someone ask me what raw foodies eat on a daily basis without making their lives super complicated. By "super complicated," I mean, when you don't have to dehydrate, prep-prep, sprout, and do all the usual things that might make a lot of raw dishes pretty time consuming.

Here's almost a week's worth of dinners I made that all took less than 20 minutes to prep. And they were all deeeelicious and is generally what I make when I want to keep it relatively simple. Of course, it's usually paired with some fancier things like raw crackers and such. (I'll make large batches of those types of things over the weekend when I have more time.)

I would give you the recipes... but as usual, these recipes are ideas that caught my fancy when I got to the kitchen counter to make dinner, and they were not written down because they're based off of intuition and whatever my little hands could find in the pantry and fridge. I can give you general guidelines though! 

Tuna made of soaked sunflower seeds (usually a few hours before dinner), celery, dulse and kelp, lemon juice, mustard, sea salt, EVOO, black pepper, raw honey, dill, and parsley

Pad-thai sauce: peanut butter (or used raw almond butter to make it really raw, but we were out!), lime juice, lemon juice, liquid sweetener, ginger, tamari, sea salt, garlic

Ooo, I do have this recipe here (and a recycled photo, 'kay... guilty...)

Same Tuna recipe as Monday + halved avocados sprinkled with sea salt, lemon juice, nutritional yeast (and dulse if I'd had any!)

Raw Caesar Dressing loosely based off of Alissa Cohen's dressing, except with pumpking seeds instead of pine nuts (thanks for the trick Kristen!)... this is tastier to me and also drastically reduces the cost of this recipe! 

Spiralized Sweet Potato w/ improptu alfredo dressing (essentially the caesar dressing but made to taste more "creamy" with more nutritional yeast and a lot less garlic, oh, and maybe some macadamia nuts?)

Bon appétit! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Eat: Toasted Rice What?! and Other Current Obsessions

Am I the only avid brown rice eater who was unaware of the whole toasted brown rice thing? As if brown rice weren't delicious, comforting, and warming enough already! You might think it's "just" rice but did you know that if you toast the rice before you cook it as you usually would, it increases brown rice deliciousness to level AWESOME?!

When we had dinner at our friends' place a few weeks ago, the brown rice that we had for dinner kind of blew my mind. I had to know the secret! Kristen (who apparently teaches me all sorts of wonderful food things) told me it was super simple: toast your rice. And it actually was that easy! I went over to her place on Friday for a cooking demo, and well enough, it was pretty straightforward. Here's the secret: 

Toasted Brown Rice Bowl

1. Over medium heat, warm up  some oil (we used abut a couple tablespoons of olive oil, but coconut would also be a good option).
2. Add in your rice and mix it with the oil to make sure it's well coated.
3. Toast it for about 5-10 minutes like you would spices, stirring occasionally to make sure the rice doesn't burn. (You'll be able to tell when it's properly toasted because it will smell lovely, browned, and popcorn-y.)
4. Add in water as you would to cook your brown rice in the first place. 
5. When the water has come to a boil, add in some sea salt, mix, and let the rice cook!
6. Enjoy THE BEST THING EVER!!!! (Especially if you add some nutritional yeast and dulse.)

I got to take a batch home and have been eating some every night for dinner with kale massaged in sesame oil, apple cider vinegar and sea salt (sesame oil and toasted brown rice are pretty equal on the awesomeness scale),  seaweed and other veggies. It's... so... yummy...

And if that weren't food awesome enough, Kristen decide to top off our cooking demo with this madness:

It's not just a milkshake. 
It's a cupcake milkshake.
I know right?!

Coconut Bliss Vanilla Ice Cream + Rice Milk + One Vegan Cupcake* = OMG

*The Cupcake was from Thimblecakes of course!

Lastly, I've been talking with my BFF, Amanda, recently about the endless downward spiral of dieting/body-hating a lot of women go through. She referred me to this awesome concept, which I thought is an amazing way of thinking about food that might help you get out of your negative relationship with food, and just start loving and appreciating what you eat:

I even realize that both the foods I presented today fit into that van diagram perfectly! (Okay, maybe the cupcake milkshake doesn't so much... but It's a food that makes me happy AND it supports the environment and local businesses for being local, organic, vegan, and sugar-free! Oh, and vegan cupcakes definitely support my values. So there.)

Have a great week!