Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eat: Sinful September Treat: Vegan "Rice Crispy" Squares

Luckily, I never really had time since I went vegan to become a "junk food vegan" before choosing to go mostly raw. However, that didn't stop me from eating my share of junk food in my pre-vegan years. Thus, like most children, I remember the very specials days when we got to make Rice Crispy Squares with my babysitter. Though the occasions were rare since we didn't eat that kind of stuff too often, it was always wonderful. The smell of melting butter, the joy of making a gooey sticky mess when I added the marshmallows in and then tried to stir in the Rice Crispies, flattening the whole thing out with the white spatula I still have in our kitchen today... pure high fructose corn syrup deliciousness.

Fast-forward about fifteen years: Here I am in the natural foods store before my dance class in front of the discount shelf. And there, shining brightly in the centre of the display is Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme, a fancy vegan and gluten-free name for Marshmallow Fluff. At this point, my personal angel and devil figureheads appear on each of my shoulders, and have a conversation that goes something like this:
Angel: ... Um, you were only here to pick up bananas and a sandwich for Andrew. How is it you always end up buying more stuff?
Devil: But, come ooooon, VEGAN marshmallow fluff? You love rice crispy squares! Remember how much fun they were to make? You even saw some in the display case at the Umi Cafe just last Friday. Remember how disappointed you were to find out they weren't made vegan that day! This is destiny!
Angel: Hey, remember that this is your last month to get crazy fit before your birthday! You have 26 days left! I believe in you, you don't need this.
Devil: But you dooooo need this... Your readers need it! Do it for the blog! You haven't posted recipes in ages, and people respond well to recipes like this! Rice... crispy... squares...

(Chantal starts texting Andrew to talk her out of temptation.)

Angel: You know you'll just regret this!
(Chantal agrees and starts to walk away.)

Devil: Hey, wait, look at the label! It says it's GMO-free, and gluten-free, and artificial flavour an colouring free, and vegan, and has no refined sugars, and only has four ingredients, and fat-free, and cholesterol, free! It's practically just spun brown rice syrup! It's even a small, organically-minded company supported by the Women's Business Enterprise, you're a woman! Support your rights, and your beliefs!
Angel: Hmm... well that does sound pretty good, and you do support companies that clearly label their products and support your food ethics!

(Chantal nods approvingly, and adding up all the very legitimate reasons this is a good idea. She then runs into a a fellow foodie friend down the aisle, who just happened to make a referential joke about marshmallow fluff they heard in a movie yesterday. This is the final sign that destiny is one her side, the fluff must be purchased!)

Without further ado, I give you the world's easiest recipe for:

Easiest Vegan, Gluten-Free* Rice Crispy Squares

Yield: 10 squares
Prep time: No time at all!

2.5-3 Cups of Brown Rice Crispies (Erewhon's are best!)
1 C of Suzanne's Ricemellow Creme
1 tsp of flax meal
dash of salt

1. Mix in a big bowl while remembering your wonderful childhood.

*and non-GMO, not artificial, not evil, full of sunshine and rainbows...


  1. Very cute way to get your point across.
    And now I want rice crispy treats.

  2. Hehe, thanks! Why just post a recipe when you can tell a whole story :)

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