Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eat: Post-Yoga Smoothie

How many times have I gone on and on about my on-and-off again relationship with yoga? From an ode to discovering the beauty of a Yin practice, to endless praises for the benefits of a daily 20 minute yoga practice, to my 3 month love affair with Bikram, I always wanted to commit... and finally, I've made the leap! I can now say that yoga and I have been in a steady relationship for about two and a half months. I don't know what came over me when we got back from our trip to France in mid-June, but I got home and knew it was time to nurture that relationship again. As usual, the first month or so was super emotionally taxing, releasing (or starting to release) all sorts of bizarre hang ups. Now, as much as yoga is always about clearing the mind, I know it's become more about the physical practice as well, learning to push and test my limits just that much more, and grow physically as well as mentally.
So far, I've been doing a minimum of two and a half hours of hot yoga classes a week at Rama Lotus and it has brought me such mental peace. Even if it might just be for those three hours and even when they aren't always perfect, I cherish that time for my mind to truly attempt to be blank and free. 

Physically though, it's hot yoga, so you sweat buckets, like buckets of buckets. And I love it. I embrace it. Dare I say, I even crave it now. However, that does mean that once that practice is done, restocking on lost electrolytes is a definite priority. So if you're regularly doing hot yoga or any other super sweaty activity (no judgements on what that might be!), here's a pretty delicious smoothie I came up with that you can blend to make sure you refuel on all the necessaries:
Post-Sweaty Workout Creamsicle Smoothie
2 frozen bananas, chopped
1 orange, peeled
2 big handfuls of spinach
1/2 C coconut water

Blend in your favourite high speed blender!
(Feel free to add a dash of almond extract, 
orange zest, or a nice vegan protein powder)

(and yes, your bananas should be as ripe as on the photo before you eat them!)

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