Friday, April 27, 2012

Green Cleaning: IGOZEN All-Purpose Cleaner

A few weeks ago, the lovely people from iGOZEN asked me if I wanted to try out a couple samples of some of their new products. After doing my homework, I thought their cleaning products seemed like a neat idea and definitely something I could support. That and I like supporting small green startups! Since it's Earth Day in a few days, I thought why not let you guys in on some ways you can make your home a little cleaner... why increase the toxicity in your home, in the very air you breathe, when you can use non-toxic and earth-friendly products like those made by iGOZEN!

Within just a week or so of being contacted by them, I received a sample envelope of their three latest products: their Everyday Cleaner, their Fruit/Vegetable wash, and their Meat/Fish wash, along with a spray bottle and a micro-fibre cloth. Obviously, the Everyday Cleaner will be of most use to me since I don't eat meat or fish, and since I buy organic fruits and veggies, I don't see a huge need to rinse my produce (blame me for cooties, I can take it.) Of all things, I like the look of the spray bottle because it actually looks cute. Rather than a regular toxic cleaning spray bottle, it was clear plastic, and also short and stubby :) The micro-fibre cloth is fantastic for cleaning glass surfaces or mirrors without leaving scratches. These ones came in happy, bright colours!

So yep, all you need is a cloth, a spray bottle in which you dilute the solution and your bare little hands. Once you mix a packet with water, just mix, and it's ready to go like any other household cleaner. It's as easy as that, and my counters are all clean and shiny!

iGOZEN products come in powder form, and are said to be 100% organic, derived from seashells and sea salts. Because of their alkalinity and high calcium, the cleaners can easily cut through harmful acidic toxins, pesticides, and bacteria by neutralizing them. Icing on the cake: they even package their products sustainably! I love it when companies are conscious of every stage their product's process.

Aside from the sustainability of it all, other benefits include not having to use gloves to clean anything from your counter-tops to your bathtub because nothing is toxic. Because their few ingredients and their process, iGOZEN cleaners are also hypoallergenic. For those with sensitive kiddies or pets, this also makes a great way to clean play areas or pet cages, beds, and litters.

Their products are super affordable, with refill packages costing only about $1.49 for a whole new supply. Because the cleaners come in powder form, they come in packets so shipping is can be made free! Of course, that's also a bonus for the environment since you don't need to keep re-using new bottles but can just re-use the same spray bottle.

If this seems like something that you might, do check out their website (they also have some pretty cute how to videos!) Happy cleaning! 

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  1. I used iGOZEN Everyday Cleaner on my tile floor instead of my usual vinegar solution. Now instead of a smelly, sticky floor, I have very clean tile that feels amazing on bare feet! Great on stovetop grease too. Well, pretty much great on everything! It's kind of scary what comes out of non-organic produce though, with the fruit and veggie wash. Especially strawberries and celery! Ew, gross.