Monday, January 23, 2012

Compatibility and Cake

First off:
We had an awesome meal with friends last night. By the end, our bellies were filled with way too many home-made dumplings (my speciality!), mandarins, Tsing Tao beer, and a sweet black sesame soup for dessert. If you celebrated, hope you had a good one!

So, today I wanted to share with you that there are some very important things to determine when looking for a life partner; questions like what their views on having children are, what their financial goals might be, and most of all, if you are the kind of girl who wants to bake cakes at all hours of the night or day, will your partner always unquestionably and enthusiastically agree to eat everything you make.

I know it might sound silly to think that someone you live with might not want to eat cake all the time... but when you're always concocting new things in the kitchen (which might be hit or miss), I can assume it could get tedious to always be the go-to human waste disposal unit. Since I enjoy the process of baking and cooking more than the consumption, I do need someone on the receiving end. One thing I cannot stand is wasting food... but this is part of our unspoken spousal agreement. I bake. You eat. My Prince Charming.

Tonight was one of those nights. Thanks to Pinterest (I just added a link on my right sidebar so you can check my boards out!), I've had my eye on so many new dishes to try out I had to start a page for them. This evening's culinary wonder was a pornographic chocolate cake. Seriously, I'm talking gooey decadence here, and it totally delivered:

The only request I got from Andrew was that I actually stick to the recipe (since I wasn't too keen on using booze). I think the only 3 things I actually modified (hey, it's only three. That must be a record for me!) were 1) the types of flour I used: I did 1C spelt, 1 1/2C millet flour (which I really like), and 1/2 whole wheat flour; 2) I was closer to the 1C end of the spectrum for sugar than the 1 1/2 one; and 3) I only used about 2T of rum in the glaze rather than 4.

This was probably the moistest (is that a word?) vegan chocolate cake I've ever made. I don't know if it would change the consistency, but I think I would personally actually hold off the rum next time... but definitely try this one out! It was a winner for sure!

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