Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Have an Epic Birthday

How to have an epic birthday, tip #1: Have awesome friends.

There are little things in life that you just don't realize how much you appreciate 'til you take a step back and realize how awesome everything you have is. That was how yesterday went for me, which also happened to be my birthday. It was everything I wanted nothing fancy, nothing crazy, and yet nothing boring or simple. After a year of crazy and self-inflicted ups and major downs, it was, in all respects, perfect. Friends, food, spontaneous music, laughter, happiness, all coming together under our roof. What more could you want, really?

I also can't say how grateful I am that everyone went out of their way to make beautiful and tasty dishes that fit within my vegan ethic. It was even an added bonus and awesome coincidence that everyone unknowingly ended up bringing a dish that completely randomly either had a) one of my favourite ingredients of all time b) something I've been jonesing for recently for no real reason. Some of these things included dulse (over edmame), mushrooms (in the most gorgeous and veganized fall pie with butternut squash and the most frighteningly convincing tofu cheese), samosas (really, I just eat the insides, but I've been dreaming of those insides for weeks!), a raw massage kale salad (it was my birthday, so I got to claim about half of it for me!!!!), and carob (in the form of vegan gluten-free and zucchini-based carob brownies... oh. my. god. yum.) 

Of course, the piece de resistance was the most amazing raw carrot cake ever topped with a maple cashew frosting. It was of course made with love by my bestie, Amanda, who specially came over early just so I could help :) (Love you soooo much, Amanada!!!) This girl knows me so well that when I asked her what I should do about dessert, she immediately texted me a whole recipe for her wicked raw carrot cake. Little did she know that I had wanted raw carrot cake so badly earlier in the week that I had actually started a to-do list on my phone just to figure out how I could put one together for myself some time... I didn't even have to do it because she made the magic happen!
Cake: carrots, apricots, dates, maple syrup, salt, cinnamon, 
cardamom, nutmeg, orange zest, coconut, almonds, raisins & walnuts
Frosting: cashews, lemon, maple syrup, vanilla

In fact, everything was so tasty that even my kitty wanted in:
Thanks again so much to everyone, and especially to Andrew, for planning this and making awesomeness happen. It was perfect and I feel so blessed and loved :) Hope your starts to the month have also been as stellar!

For this coming week: Come up with 10 October goals like I did in September (I managed to actually accomplish 7 out of 10)! 

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  1. Did you know that I have attempted to post a reply to this blog entry three times, only having successfully accomplished this as of now!

    Your birthday was an epic celebration for all! Everyone indeed enjoyed was pretty apparent :) It was a great opportunity to meet the other amazing people whom you share your life with...your friends.

    Glad you love my food so much...makes me happy to see you enjoy it! Making kale chips soon! With send you a sampler!

    Love you! xo

    P.S. Don`t forget the Vanilla Orange Maples Cream Cheese Icing also had, maple cream, orange juice, orange zest and sea salt, fyi ;P