Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I think a small part of me has crying been crying inside for a few days now. The weather is getting cooler and cooler and the advent of winter is upon us here in Ontario. Fall, I know, not winter. It's sad, I realized how much I love fall, but farther up North, I just can't appreciate it in the same way because I know it just means soon winter shall come, the snow will pile up and the cold will set in... brrr...

Despite the colder temperatures, our little (or rather ginormous) tomato plants are still growing strong and wild. We've had quite a couple harvests by now and WOW are they delicious. I think my favourite tomato has officially become the heirloom variety called Cherokee Purple. It takes like a deep rich sunbeam. It's amazing. Here was today's pick:
In other news, my sis and I are in the serious planning phases of our awesome trip to Disney World for our sisters (aka. partners in crime) bachelorette party/Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon run! I'm actually getting more and more crazy excited as the days go on.

Only two more days til my last comps exam and I'll be free from this madness and will be able to get more creative here once again! Soon it this blog shall abound with yummy food once more!

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