Thursday, July 14, 2011

Smooth(ie) Summer

Not only I am excited to guest blog for Laury's Thirsty Thursdays today, I also have an additional recipe to share. When I was looking for ideas of what kind of recipe to send to her, I started off by trying to answer the following:

"When summer comes around, I know it's time for ______." The two first answers I came up with were "watermelon" and "berries"... Sheesh, you know you're a foodie when your first two answers are edible. Because I had frozen blueberries in the freezer, I decided to run with that, and used a variation of one of my usuals that looked something like this:

Summer Blues
2 bananas
1/2 C blueberries
2-3 ice cubes
1/3 teaspoon cardamon powder
dash of cloves

Blend away!

Just as I was about to send it off, I decided to check out what kind of drink Laury had posted about last week (you think I might have checked that first). To my dismay, I found a berry smoothie that started with "2 bananas, and mixed berries"... Hmm, no way I'm sending her a repeat. So because this smoothie was flowery and smooth, I decided to go for tangy and exotic as its counterpart. As you'll see on her post, I settled for this:

Summer Sun
1 C pineapple
1/2 C mango
1/2 banana
3-4 ice cubes

Blend away to reach an exotic destination!

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  1. I'm not too familiar withcardamon powder. What's it like, and what does it add to the smoothie????

    I love that glass by the way!