Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wake Up Smoothie

Now I've never been a big coffee drinker, and I won't even touch the whole "should you drink coffee debate." (My short answer is no, unless perhaps on the odd social occasion... and by "odd social occasion" I'm not making some kind of loop hole to mean every week because I go out with my friends.) If you do want details on some of the reasons why I stand by this opinion, check out Sabine's awesome post about the subject which she conveniently just wrote up today!

Sure I've had coffee. When it's strong, I love the stuff, like an espresso, or better yet like Turkish Coffee... mmmm,Turkish coffee, it's like liquid chocolate, but coffee... and yes, I do lick the coffee paste at the bottom of the cup that they tell you not to eat. And for good measure, sure, a cafe au lait at a little cafe in Paris is quite charming too, just not all the time.

All that being said, I somehow ended up with lots of sample bags of teccino, the supposed "coffee replacer." I really like it, but not needing that coffee flavour in my life, those packets have just been sitting around for months. So to clean up my pantry, I came up with a Wake Up smoothie for Andrew.

To be honest, teccino tastes as much like coffee as carob tastes like chocolate, so by that I mean not at all. I'm not sure why companies have to go and compare things that are not comparable. I have a hard time believing that junkie coffee drinkers will find any satisfaction in "pretend coffee" as much smokers don't with a nicotine patch. That being said, teccino is quite yummy in its own right, so there's no need to pretend it's something else. Teccino's base is barley, chicory and carob, so it's rich, warming, and it comes in lots of yummy flavours.

This smoothie kind of tasted like coffee ice cream, but mostly, it tasted like yummy that needs no comparison.

Wake Up Smoothie

2 bananas (1 frozen, 1 not)
2 tablespoons of teccino
2 tablespoons of water
optional teaspoon of maca, mesquite, brown rice protein and/or pea protein

Have a lovely hopefully sunny weekend!

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  1. I never ever heard of come ;-)

    that looks pretty tasty though. I don't do coffee either. I do like the taste of it, but don't drink it regularly. I used to drink mate vana tea a lot, which has a coffee taste.

    Have a great weekend!!!!