Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sesame Garlic Tempeh Salad w/ Pear Ginger Dressing

So I only realized now that it's really easy to want to eat veggies for lunch if you put them together in the most delicious way possible. Last post, I mentioned that I've been eating fruit for lunch for the past year or so and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. However, I've cleverly tricked myself by eating salads with fruit dressings. Monday's mango cilantro dressing was such a hit that I wanted to try a similar recipe.

This is what I came up with as I was salivating in the pool over the thought of lunch (sometimes, it's not the best idea to work out hungry):

Tempeh Salad w/ Pear Ginger Dressing
1 1/2 C romaine lettuce, chopped
3 slices of Turtle Island Foods' sesame garlic tempeh
1 pear
1/2 teaspoon of Bragg's Liquid Aminos
small chunk of ginger (about 1/2''), chopped
sesame seeds, for garnish

Puree the pear, Bragg's, and ginger in a blender, toss with romaine lettuce, and top with tempeh and sesame seeds. I think this one is even better than monday's lunch, and I may eat it again, tomorrow, and the day after...

I also came up with a wicked fava bean recipe earlier this week, but it being me, I didn't write it down. I think I may be trying it again soon, so I'll make sure to immortalize it. What I do have for you is one of the surviving beans...
Actually, that's a lie, I ended up putting him in the pot with all his other siblings, and I kind of did feel awful. I could see his little quinoa eyes pleading up at me. Tip of the day: Don't put a face on your food (or name it) you'll create personal attachment to it and you'll feel guilty when/if you eat it later. I've heard a lot of vegans describe their diet as "they don't eat anything with a face on it." Maybe this habit of putting eyes on my veggies just makes me a psychotic vegan...

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