Saturday, April 23, 2011

Link Love: Raw Vegan Yummies

Is it a total cop out that I haven't blogged in a week and now am just posting a bunch of pictures of other people's food? Okay... maybe. I think I may be taking this "being on a total mental vacation before I have to study for my comprehensive exams in August" thing a little too seriously. However, I do have a distraction for you... I just got the BEST Easter present ever:

I just got my first kitten!
Meet Massachusetts.
He's 8 weeks old and he has my heart.

Some of you might already know that we already technically have a kitty, Fox:

But I suppose he's "technically" Andrew's cat. (Yes, the human love of my life also came with the feline love of my life... lucky girl, I know! Is that what you call a twofer? Heh...) Anyway, I've wanted a kitten since the day I knew what a kitten was. Strangely enough, today was only the second (or third) time in my life that I've been exposed to kittens as young as Mass. For a girl, that seems unheard of, I agree! Long story short, I couldn't not take him home. The original idea was to get Fox a girlfriend, but I fell in love with Massachusetts, and he happened to be a boy... so Fox gets a boy friend, we're non-judgmental that way.

Anyway, on to the food. Since I haven't made anything too exciting this week... Wait, I did remake the cauliflower w/ mushroom sauce dish I created a little back, and it was as great as the first time. I used white button mushrooms this time and that worked even better! I also made a tofu pie with the most fabulous raw brownie crust EVER but didn't write the recipe down... I present you with a selection of the best of the raw desserts I've seen out there over the last little while:

Rawdorable's Raw Girl Scout Cookies

The Samoas were always my favourite, and I promise the raw version tastes just like the real deal! Andrew was a huge fan of Thin Mints, but all of them were definite wins! (I also just found out that Girl Scout Cookies apparently know have an iPhone app...) The second half of Shannon's recipes can be found directly on her blog, here.

Rawxy's Tasty Turtles

I haven't made these yet, but if you saw these, wouldn't they be on your to-eat to-do list?

Veggie Wedgie's Raw Ice Cream Bars

I love Nina so much for having created these!

How could I not pay tribute to one of my raw favourite cheesecake recipes? I've definitely tweaked this one since I met it, but for those who like to follow directions, definitely go with Meredith's recipe because it's AMAZING! It'll convert any non-raw foodie to our delicious ways!

Love Veggies and Yoga's Kale Chips

This is a pretty standard kale chip recipe, but Averie gives the best step-by-step on how to get these little bundles of addiction into your tummy, pronto.

Chocolate-Covered Katie's Raw Fudge Babies

Because anyone in the food blog world who hasn't tried these yet just hasn't been paying attention!

Hope you're having a fantastic Easter weekend! I promise to be back in full-swing next week!


  1. i am loving your easter prezzie (i love you too fox!). he looks like a suitable cuddle partner for fox (and the humans) :) can`t wait to meet little m!

  2. I know! I can't wait til they can cuddle together, I think I might implode of cuteness... Right now Fox is acting a little if-fy/threatened because he knows there's another male cat in the house (especially because M isn't neutered yet), but I know that time will show him that he can be an awesome big bro :)

  3. Congratulations on your new furbaby :) That is awesomeness!

    I hope you and your family had a blessed Easter. Be well and know that we appreciate all that you contribute via this blog.


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