Thursday, December 23, 2010

Under Construction

Please bear with me as I mess around with my blog over the break to try to make it new and snazzier looking! Check out lots of new tabs and such in the New Year!

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  1. HIII Thanks for your lovely comment, about the fish oil, he said that the person before him emphasized its importance, and I have to say this irked me, because I'm not really into animal products hence my veganism, but he just said, "brain, needs fat, good fat, good saturated fats like real olive oil, and coconut oil, and omega 3's from fish oils, and if you're not into that then the equivalent can be extracted from marine phytoplankton"

    My heart returned to its normal beating speed when I heard that.

    He also talked about how the future of all this is moving towards your own gardens, AND. how there are already personal mini-machines going to be available for purchasing in the near future where you hang this thing up in your window, that pumps water up and down through pipes twice, and using the sunlight you will have your own omega 3 source through marine phytoplankton from the machine. I was very interested, it reminded me of this:

    Have a happy new year, I hope this helped!!
    -Amy :)