Monday, December 13, 2010

These seeds are awesome, savvy?

Sometimes you eat a new superfood because you think it has some property that will make you healthier, sometimes you eat a new superfood because it's the latest fad and you want to keep up with the times, but sometimes you just want eat a new superfood because it's so damn yummy! This was my experience with a random bag of Savi Seed Sacha Inchi seeds that Andrew brought home a couple nights ago.

Two words for you: NEW ADDICTION.

I think I could seriously sit down to a bin of these and spend the rest of my life quite content. Now, I don't usually get non-raw food cravings that seriously, but I don't know what it is in the air but I've been craving childhood comfort foods so bad recently (that being real Chinese food, not the fake take-out crap) or more generally, anything that people around here would call "ethnic" food (Indian or Middle Eastern food have been the two things constantly on my mind recently). On the Chinese food note though, I've always had a penchant for these:

I can't even begin to describe why these are awesome. They have the crunchy exterior of M&Ms but without the chocolate coating. They're salty, sweet and spicy all at the same time, and definitely baked. They're definitely all about the multi-layered crunch factor though, and the minute I tasted the Sacha Inchi seeds, that textural amazingness all came back to me, and they so deeply satisfied my childhood/ethnic food cravings the raw way!

So here is my shameless plug for Sacha Inchi:

Despite tasting and looking just like nuts (and specifically a peanut), they aren't! Also known as Inca Peanuts, they're native to the Amazon rainforest and have also been cultivated for centuries in Peru. They are extracted from the star-shaped pods of a vine plant, which a picked, dried, and pressed.

The claim is that they have more Omega-3, 6, and 9s then both vegan and non-vegan sources (whether salmon, flaxseeds, or hemp), so lowers your "bad" cholesterol (HDL) and keeps your blood healthy by reducing your triglycerides and regulating blood sugar levels. Because of the healthy fats, they also regulate nerve transmission and communication, reducing the risk of depression, and arthritis by reducing inflammation. Through their high anti-oxidant properties, they also regulated eye pressure (so no glaucoma), proper kidney function (so no ulcers), blood transmission to tissue (so no skin conditions). They're also about 25-30% digestible protein!

The Savi Seed Sachia Inchi come in three flavours: Natural, Chocolate, and Caramalized. I've tasted the first two and can say that I far prefer them au naturel. They're taste reminds me so much of those Chinese peanut snacks that I wouldn't want to cover it up with anything! However, being Canadian, Andrew obviously prefers them chocolate covered... He seems to claim that Canadians like to chocolate cover everything.

Anyway, I know some people say that superfoods are a luxury, that they can tend to be pretty pricey for the size of the bag you're getting, but people also tend to forget that you only need a couple of these a day to reap the benefits. Also, if these babies will keep you healthy, what's the cost of that compare to popping pills? And in this case, honestly, there is no cost to taste. They're that good. Try 'em out, if only for the novelty of saying you've had a new food!


  1. Just discovered these myself! Any news on them as far as baking/heating goes?

  2. They are pretty yummy! All the ones on the market so far are definitely roasted so I don't know exactly what that does to the oils... but everything else about them is fantastic!

  3. These  are a nice tasty snack  I've only tryed the plain with sea salt

  4. Let me know if you find a raw version of them! I got this brand at Whole
    Foods. I assumed it was raw because it was categorized in the raw vegan
    foods section. On the front of the package it emphasizes that they use
    raw cane sugar. I tried them. I loved them. And then on the back I saw
    that they describe the seeds themselves as "lightly roasted". :( If
    anyone finds a truly raw version, please post! I'm 100% raw vegan and
    would love to get the health benefits of this delicious
    snack. Thanks!