Friday, December 3, 2010

Just... Want... Kitchen... Time...

So, if you want to know what has happened to me since those days of yore of daily blogging, I think this explains it quite well:
I call it... the PhD

This means I've been really antsy because that means more time
vegetating studiously writing in front of the computer and less time being creative in the kitchen. On the upside, another hoop jam (as in a hooping party not, a fruit preserve) saved my life this evening. Seriously, best thing ever, try it! Getting into my dance trance while still being focused enough to spin a hoop is the most wonderful feeling. It's so curative, especially because I've been in such a dance rut recently...

Anyway, my kitchen time has been pretty productive. I've made a beautiful love child between Meredith's and my "grawnola" recipes, which has just about spawned the best thing ever:
You know I don't take measurements, but the general idea was replacing Meredith's use of raw pepitas and sunflower seeds with sprouted buckwheat + pepitas. I kept everything else pretty much equal, except I used less raisins and added in some fresh cranberries and spirulina. I did use raw honey instead of maple syrup.

I also attempted a new spinach, tomato, and sundried-tomaro raw bread. I used triticale that we bought from our local organic grain farmer, and while it turned out really pretty, I'm not a huge fan of triticale. Andrew kind of bought it for the novelty, and while he's a fan of rye breads, I find them a little too sour tasting (triticale is a cross between wheat and rye):
Another novelty was my own take on raw calzones. I used Alissa Cohen's crust recipe, but then made a "everything but the kitchen sink" attempt at a filling: marinated veggies and mushroom, tomato sauce, and spinach-basil sauce. They were really good, but I might go easier on the sodium next time (and maybe actually record what I did...)
Ooo, and the amazing Christmas goodies all over Angela's blog made me want to make her Overnight Oats again, so I made a super pumpkin version one morning:
I'm sure I've done plenty of original stuff this week, but it's off to bed... Just one more week and this is all done! Highlight of my life though??? I'm going to see Nutcracker Ballet tomorrow! It's by far my favourite thing about the Christmas season, and also, I kind of bawl every time I hear the final Pas de Deux. Seriously one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard, and I get to feed my little dreams of wanting to be a ballerina... Goodnight!

(P.S. For all of you who I have yet to email because of comments and messages and such, I promise I'll get back to you by the end of next week! I've received what you've sent me, I've just been swamped with final papers and such! Thanks for understanding!)

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