Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday, Raw Style!

Yay, finally a food post! Strangely, it had been a while. This one is definitely for a worthy cause though since it is in celebration of Andrew's birthday! However, instead of publicly blowing birthday kisses or posting embarrassing/cute birthday pictures over the internet, I'll cut straight to the chase and get to the food.

Birthday dinner was an impromptu spinach-hemp-basil zucchini rolls over a sundried tomato marinara. In short, I've been seeing lots of zucchini cannelloni recipes all over the raw food blog world for long enough that I really wanted to simulate my own nut-free version. While the insides had nothing to do with cannelloni, I still thought they looked awfully pretty:
Those were followed by the pièce de résistance, a pomegranate and chocolate-frosted vanilla cheesecake! The crust was meant to be ginger snap-ish, the cheesecake was based off of Miss Meredith's awesome fermented nut cheese recipe and some added personal creativity (read, I have cuisine ADD and hate following recipes), and the chocolate frosting was also an amended version of Meredith's Chocolate Buttercream recipe (found in her awesome e-book). The result was fantastic, in fact, more of that cake is gone than perhaps should be!
Happy Birthday, Amour!
May your grace the Earth another year with my world's favourite fuzzy tummy.

See, and there I've gone being publicly embarrassing... hehe.

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  1. Hi Chantal :) Long time no talk LOL. Wanted you to know that I made it to the Oasis cafe in Frazer PA over the weekend and had a wonderful time. I stocked up on goodies, too and even got some nice chocolates as gifts for others. I thought of you and your post on it and hubby and I agree that the energy in the place was awesome :)

    Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

    I was wondering about my next raw recipe packet? Maybe we can talk via email about it.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop in to say 'hello' and hope you are well.