Sunday, August 15, 2010

Santorini Salad

As I mentioned, this trip's dinners have been an amazing array of vegan (though sometimes probably "in denial" vegan) dishes. My favourites has definitely been eggplant salad (the traditional non-mayo or yogurt kind, which I've unfortunately stumbled upon a couple times) and of course those giant beans I mentioned on Day 1. We also tried Greek garlic dip today and that may have been the tastiest garlic dish I've ever had (and I'm not a garlic person). However, my body has been asking me to return closer to 100% raw over the passed couple days so I've willingly obliged, returning to raw dinners (usually "Season Salads" made up of some variation of cucumber, tomato, and lettuce) to complement my wonderful raw fruit breakies.

Today, we woke up bright and early to leave behind the beauty of mainland Greece and all its ancient magic and end our trip with a bang on the gorgeous island of Santorini. I will blog more about the place once I have pics, but I think I've discovered the meal that outdid all raw meals here: the Santorini Salad. Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is a SALAD.

(though I didn't have a camera,
I found this pic which was actually taken at the exact restaurant I went to
by another tourist)

Though mine was a little different then his (and obviously had the feta kindly ommitted), it was literally probably about 4 if not 5 cups of salad. The bottom was a layer of fresh lettuce, followed by crispy cabbage, sliced green peppers, cucumber slices, caper leaves, sundried tomatoes and black olives for a perfect salty complement, and surrounded by the sweetest grape tomatoes ever. It was divine. I reached heaven! I'm full of raw veggies and have never been happier. If ever you go to Santorini, do go to the Petros Taverna. Obviously, you can get more than a salad there, but the atmosphere and all the food was amazing for everyone!

Again, when you come to a new place with an open mind. You will receive a rewarding and amazing experience in return. I knew I'd come here to try a variety of foods within my ethic, but as my body sought to return to raw foods, the Universe provided, and here was the salad beast of a lifetime! In short, for all those raw foodists or vegans who I read about on the internet who think a raw/vegan diet can't be done in Greece, think again! It's actually been super easy, just be nice, ask questions, and know that no matter what, you'll have an amazing time!

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  1. I hope you're having an amazing time!!!! Silly me, I forgot you were going to be in Greece!! Disregard my last email, I will be sending you maintenance when you get back, just hit me up I want to make sure it works for you!!!