Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mysterious Melon

So many sights and sounds and tastes. This trip has been so beautiful, but of all things today is a quick food post. This:

is what we were told was called Peponi (though google just tells me that means "big melon" in Greek). They're specifically from this region and are shaped like a big yellow football (so a ribbed melon but with the texture of a squash on the outside) but with the sweet musky taste of sun-ripened cantaloupe but more. We picked one up from a street vendor and it was huge and delicious. If anyone knows what these actually are, please let me know, because they are yummy! See, who says being raw can't let you experience the delicacies of a region!


  1. Peponi means melon, I don't know about different varieties like cantaloupe we just have this one here. It's my favorite summer fruit.

  2. I figured as much (about the word I mean), the guy who was taking us around was telling us that these particular ones were from the Corinthian region and like I said were yellow, very ribbed, and American football shaped, but the most fragrant version of a cantaloupe ever! I could definitely see how it's a favourite! Thanks as always for sharing your local expertise with me :)