Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Life Full of Success

Oh the successes, I have known this week! There's nothing like a 6 day camping festival surrounded by friends old and new, fire-lit drum circles, pine woods and cool rivers to completely rejuvenate you and make you feel alive. These past few days have been extremely curative for me both physically and mentally, and I feel so grateful for the life I have. But on to my successes:

Success #1: Mosquito Prevention As I mentioned in my last post, one of the most successful ways to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos is to avoid potassium foods a few days prior to and during your camping trip. So it's been no bananas, pumpkin seeds, strawberries, whole grains, and brazil nuts for us for almost 10 days now and the mosquito bite tally: 5 over 6 days, while everybody else was massively attacked. I don't know if it's the raw diet or potassium or both but it worked so well that at one point, we were talking to a friend and all the mosquitos were swarming around him while we just sat there untouched. Awesome.

To celebrate, lunch was a much-craved strawberry-banana and blueberry-banana parfait layered with buckwheat (a whole grain). Take that mosquitoes! You have no idea how badly I've been craving bananas when you can't eat them for a week.

Sucess #2: The LFRVD! The what?! Our camping trip has just proven the success and absolute wonder of a Low-Fat Raw Vegan Diet (the LFRVD!). Well, I guess ours was actually a "Low-Fat Raw Bee-gan Diet". During our whole camping trip, we lived off of grapefruit, apples, peaches, oranges, and about a 1/2 teaspoon of bee pollen every day and I've never felt better. On top of that, we water fasted on Sunday, and it worked out great. During the entire trip, we were up from early in the morning to, well, early in the morning: prancing around a huge campgrounds, drumming and dancing until the wee hours of the morning, and all this fueled purely on fruit. Though I felt tired from things like being out in the sun all day and the like, I mostly felt really energized, and mostly really content with myself and my life in general. This is definitely the way to go, and I hope to incorporate this more and more into my every day life.

Success #3: I made a baby! Not a human one, but I've birthed my very own scoby. We returned from our camping trip and 7 days later, I have a beautiful kombucha baby that's about 1/4 inch thick and is thick, beautiful, and healthy. He's even healthier than his momma. The kombucha tea had that slightly vinegary taste and after trying some, I thought it was pretty darn convincing! I'm letting go through second fermentation tomorrow, but can't wait to drink it after that. I might try to add things like ginger juice or spirulina or something, like GT's does. Yum!

Success #4: Dinner! Imitation is the greatest form of compliment. After seeing raw veggie skewers over at the Raw Seed, I knew I had to create my own version and whipped up a couple marinated veggie and mushroom shish-kabobs, cauliflower couscous, raw falafels (adapted from Meredith's Indian Feast of Awesomeness), and mango chutney. It was glorious... Can you tell I've been out of the kitchen for a week?

I'm just so full of happy!

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  1. Your happiness is contagious...I love it!!!

    I need to start birthing my own scoby....Kombuchas not looking too good for coming back on the shelves. I love my flavors though....sigh...