Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raw Food Sensations

Given yesterday's recipe, you'll noticed that I've been on a summer melon jag recently. Today's breakfast and lunch were variations on my melon sensation. The morning version had mint and ginger and the lunch version had stevia leaves. Tasting the leaves from my stevia plant were the first time I ever tasted stevia, and I have to say, it was... different. Funny thing is, I've only ever seen it in powder form, and to me, it tastes just like artificial sweeteners. It's what I remembered Sweet N' Low to taste like (which I've only had once when I was a kid before my mom noticed, and horrified, told me it was "fake sugar." I never had it since!) Though I love my plant, I'm not sure stevia is a plant I'll get use to.

Dinner was zucchini pasta with marinara sauce, and Andrew's dessert was vanilla ice cream with raw cookie pieces. He came up with the brilliant idea to top his vanilla with raw honey, which hardens it like I've heard people do with corn syrup. He also topped that with chia seeds which gave it an extra special crunch. Try it out next time you get your hands on raw ice cream!

(That pic was the ice cream I made for him yesterday: chocolate and vanilla ice cream with candied pecans and broken chocolate pieces)


  1. ok... this is really funny. For dinner tonight WE had zucchini with marinara and marinated mushrooms topped with fermented nut cheese. Dustin's dessert was ice cream, topped with chocolate chunks and a drizzle of honey. I never drizzle honey on his ice cream, I just decided to try it tonight and see how it went.... I guess we're all on the same raw wave length!

  2. creepy... but mostly awesome! By the way, your latest Facebook update came up on my newsfeed this morning. You know I'm expecting that bread recipe :)