Saturday, June 19, 2010

I fear scarcity

Two more days to enter in my dehydrator giveaway, and thanks to all of those who already have!

So despite the fact that we are officially leaving the country in less than a week, we kind of went nuts during our last trips to our two favourite local grocery stores: Roots Market and MOM's (you will both be very very missed). I think there is something very primal in a human being when it fears that it won't be able to get food... like stockpiling. We were like two weary travelers in an oasis after a long trip in the desert, grabbing at everything and anything that said "raw" on the label and putting in our grocery cart. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but we both felt this definite sense of urgency, like we didn't know when we'd be able to find these products or food ever again.

The silly thing is, I've been to all the natural grocers in Ottawa and I love them all, yet I don't know if they have all the raw goodies that I'm used to buying here or if you can even find them over there. I've done this when traveling before, I'll bring lots and lots of dried fruits and snacks as if I'm going to a place that doesn't have food, then they end up sitting in my luggage because I discover a million new things to try whenever I get to my destination.

Anyway, here are some of the things we bought:

Andrew started with his favourite raw chocolate truffles, I think they're pretty tasty but nothing I'd go nuts over, unlike this:

These are my favourite snack in the world and I'd eat them every day if I knew how to make them (or could find them in a huge five pound bag or something...) They're just pumpkin seed clusters mixed with agave nectar, apricot kernels, cinnamon, and sprouted almonds. I don't know what they do to these, but they rock my world.

A random raw bar Andrew found that he thought looked yummy, which is still TBD

Don't know about anything from this company but the Chia Nopal Bar but I LOVED it when I tried one the first time (loved it so much I created my own recipe based around it), who knew cactus could be so tasty?

Though my homemade granola is the household's first choice, this cereal is a very close second. Each flavor is packed with some amazing superfoods that we don't get often so we like to supplement our breakfasts with a couple tablespoons of them every once in a while.

Yay for tasty raw goodness! And while it's almost always cheaper to make your own raw snacks yourself, I'm also a big proponent of supporting small businesses. Whenever I see something raw in a store I like to buy it not only to give that company business but to tell the store that there is a growing raw clientele out there and that we appreciate it when they take the time to cater to us! I hope you appreciate my rag tag pictures now that we have no more furniture :)

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