Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm alive! I don't know how you clever bloggers manage to keep posting while you travel and/or are really busy. I just can't keep up with everything and had to take a blogging break. Though I still have no wi-fi, I just wanted to quickly say that we have all safely (and miraculously) made it across the border safe and sound. I don't know how we managed to fit plants + people + pets + stuff in one car and make it here all in one piece. We didn't even run into too many problems with border control (luckily, our plants came from Canada originally so they were allowed to come home).

The funny thing was our license plate was from no other state than...

... so we got a lot of funny looks trying to cross into Canada. Maybe the plate was causing me to drive more recklessly? Don't mess with Texas!

Anyway, we got to our new home okay. I was super psyched to see how many plants there already are in the front and backyards. On top of that, we came at the perfect time of the week and have already been able to hit two farmers markets already.

Farmers markets here are amazing. At least half of the farmers are organic and have all sorts of produce and stories to tell. There's also a 100 mile rule for all farmers there so no truck farmers that resell stuff from all over North America. The only exception they make is for a couple farmers from Niagara who provide the closest source of cherries and other fruits. Fair enough! It's been great talking to everyone and getting to know them. There is such abundance here, I feel so blessed! I am going to have to get used to shorter seasons though. While the DC markets had all sorts of fruits and veggies already, the Canadian farmers are actually just getting their season started with basic greens and radishes and things! Talk about climate changes after only an 8-10 hour drive North!

At the markets, along with produce, we were also able to find our new source of raw hemp seeds (I love your legalized hemp seed cultivation, Canada! It's a food for goodness sake, not a drug!) and of organic grains (everything from oats, buckwheat, flax, rye amaranth, you name it!). I'm SO psyched. We also got some beautiful plants. In fact I went a little bit herb crazy, but I have yard now, so I plan on becoming quite the gardener:

Also, one of the most exciting things about Ottawa (to me anyway) is that they've started a green bin (compost) system along with their recycling program. Because our yard is pretty tiny and well established, we wouldn't have had any room for composting, so the green has solved all our problems. As you know, I HATE to waste organic matter be it my banana peel or the food leftover on my plate (not like that ever happens), so the bin is the best solution ever for two heavily compost-oriented raw foodists! It even comes with a small compost pail for the kitchen too so you don't have to run outside every time you have an apple core to toss, especially when winter will set in. It's the most convenient thing ever. You can even compost your hair from the shower! I love my green bin.

Foodwise, we've been blessed with awesome farmers markets and we're really close to a bunch of organic health food stores. I've already found some pretty sweet sources of raw treats, like this sushi:

Also, along the road at Mustard Seed in Watertown, NY, we found these life-changing raw chocolate bars by Righteously Raw (I think this is by FAR my favourite brand now). We got the Acai and the Goji kind and they're melt in your mouth choco-gasmic! Unfortunately, I think they only carry them in the US, but I'd be willing to ship these for sure! I can't even begin to describe how tasty they are!

Finally, I may have mentioned how grounded and happy the energy of the Oasis Cafe felt when we visited back in March. When people talk about raw food being filled with energy and light, that was it! I wanted to know their secret and one thing I noticed was that Tiffany's kitchen was super clean and uncluttered and that she had figures and stones adorning and bringing energy to the room. I wanted to turn my kitchen into a similar kind of mecca, and luckily found the perfect person to watch over us:

I found a gorgeous statue of Guan Yin to watch over the most important room in my life. Goddess of mercy, of beauty, and feminity, and often associated to vegetarianism, I thought she was perfect the minute I saw her! She resonated so well with me that I really wanted her to honor my kitchen! Can't wait to set up my new kitchen (and my new Excalibur dehydrator is yet to be inaugurated!) further. Now I just need our moving truck with all our actual furniture to get here... one thing at a time!

Live life abundantly!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dehydrator Winner!

Hope you all had a great weekend! But more importantly thanks to this super random number generator:

for winning my first ever giveaway:

Andrea, given that I'm leaving the country in a couple days, could you please send me your address (to asap so I can send off this raw food baby to you? (I've sent you an email about it!) Best of luck on your raw food journey! I hope this dehydrator helps you as much as it helped me keep at it :) Let the raw dehydrator goodness begin!

Thanks to all of you who also participated and since I realize I really like spreading the raw love, look out for more raw food goodie giveaways in the future!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I fear scarcity

Two more days to enter in my dehydrator giveaway, and thanks to all of those who already have!

So despite the fact that we are officially leaving the country in less than a week, we kind of went nuts during our last trips to our two favourite local grocery stores: Roots Market and MOM's (you will both be very very missed). I think there is something very primal in a human being when it fears that it won't be able to get food... like stockpiling. We were like two weary travelers in an oasis after a long trip in the desert, grabbing at everything and anything that said "raw" on the label and putting in our grocery cart. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but we both felt this definite sense of urgency, like we didn't know when we'd be able to find these products or food ever again.

The silly thing is, I've been to all the natural grocers in Ottawa and I love them all, yet I don't know if they have all the raw goodies that I'm used to buying here or if you can even find them over there. I've done this when traveling before, I'll bring lots and lots of dried fruits and snacks as if I'm going to a place that doesn't have food, then they end up sitting in my luggage because I discover a million new things to try whenever I get to my destination.

Anyway, here are some of the things we bought:

Andrew started with his favourite raw chocolate truffles, I think they're pretty tasty but nothing I'd go nuts over, unlike this:

These are my favourite snack in the world and I'd eat them every day if I knew how to make them (or could find them in a huge five pound bag or something...) They're just pumpkin seed clusters mixed with agave nectar, apricot kernels, cinnamon, and sprouted almonds. I don't know what they do to these, but they rock my world.

A random raw bar Andrew found that he thought looked yummy, which is still TBD

Don't know about anything from this company but the Chia Nopal Bar but I LOVED it when I tried one the first time (loved it so much I created my own recipe based around it), who knew cactus could be so tasty?

Though my homemade granola is the household's first choice, this cereal is a very close second. Each flavor is packed with some amazing superfoods that we don't get often so we like to supplement our breakfasts with a couple tablespoons of them every once in a while.

Yay for tasty raw goodness! And while it's almost always cheaper to make your own raw snacks yourself, I'm also a big proponent of supporting small businesses. Whenever I see something raw in a store I like to buy it not only to give that company business but to tell the store that there is a growing raw clientele out there and that we appreciate it when they take the time to cater to us! I hope you appreciate my rag tag pictures now that we have no more furniture :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breakfast makes all the differences

Again, keep up the entries to my dehydrator giveaway, only 3 more days left (Sunday night at 11:59 all bets are off!)

Everyone has their eating ups and downs, but on a raw diet it seems that most the time the options are up, higher, or highest. Today was our big packing day which included lots of furniture, 53 boxes, and our kitty and plants still in tow... sounds tiring right? Well after the power breakfast we had, I've gotta say I've never felt better!

To prepare for our big day, I listened to an intuition I had yesterday to make something with chia. I always listen to these types of "cravings" because I believe it's often your body telling you that you might be missing a key nutrient found in the food you are craving (obviously this only works on a raw diet, I doubt a craving for Doritos is really anything to get worked up about). So I made Meredith's Blueberry Chia Pudding and added mesquite and maca powder to the mix. I know it seems a simple thing to say but I felt amazing after having this. I guess it was nice to have a change from the usual green or fruit smoothie and granola; I was alert, awake, felt strong and ready to go. I couldn't believe how energized I felt. I wasn't too full, wasn't too hungry, I was absolutely perfect.

While a lot of people (including myself 99% of the time) say that you should start with simple breakfasts like fruit, a smoothie, or something light to get energized for your day, I guess every once in a while and depending on what you're going to do (like some serious packing loading), having a good hearty breakfast might also be the way to go! Again, the lesson learned here is listen to your body, it knows things you only think you understand.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why I'm in love and other goodies

First off, keep up the entries for my dehydrator giveaway!

Secondly, Andrew made this pretty drawing for me with the top of an heirloom tomato I used in our lunch today. I cut the top off of it to avoid eating the stem, and found that our tomato actually had a little face under its top. This is why I'm in love:

Adorable, right?

Thirdly, with that little tomato, I made an amazing super cauliflower couscous inspired by the one in Matt Amsden's Rawvolution:

Finally, for dinner, I also had my second chocolate cherry bomb ever :) I just had to try the infamous recipe that was all over the raw food blog world! I gotta say, I actually like it better without the chocolate part (I know...), so I made one without the cacao for me and one with for Andrew. They were both delicious! Thanks for an awesome recipe Kristen!

Great day, great food! Just what I need to fuel the last 48 hours of my life before our moving truck comes! Also, our kitty thinks he's a box car race car driver:


Monday, June 14, 2010

Dehydrator Giveaway

As promised, come one, come all, for my first giveaway! The winner will be selected one week from now, at 10am on Monday, June 21, 2010. At this point and for shipping reasons, only US and Canadian readers can put in their bids this time. For your pleasure, I'm offering what every raw foodists needs:


Sure a raw foodist can eat fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds, but a dehydrator is just so much fun! Owning one has completely satisfied the needs of my inner baker, and has made both Andrew's and my tummy very very happy since I got into raw foods.

After one absolutely flawless year of service, I'm giving away my 4 tray Nesco Dehydrator because I'm "upgrading" to a 9 tray Excalibur once we move up to Canada. My lovely dehydrator comes with 3 fruit roll sheets, and 2 Clean-a-Screen trays. The Nesco has served my every dehydrating need: raw cookies, raw burgers, tartlet crusts, calzones, pizzas, crackers, breads, kale chips, pancakes, macaroons, and more! If it weren't for the fact that demand for my raw foods is increasing, I would have just stuck with the one I have forever :)

Compare to other dehydrators, it's very space efficient, and isn't super noisy. I love my dehydrator, so I want to give it to a good home that I know one of you can supply!

"Do I need a dehydrator?" You might be asking yourself. I debated this question for a little while when I got into raw foods, but within just two months, I had to get my hands on one. Checking out other people's blogs and some raw recipe books, I wanted to be part of the uncooking extravaganzas I had only seen through photos.

Sooo, how can you enter? You have two options (so you can get a maximum of two entries)

For everyone (first entry): Leave a comment on my blog telling me what the first thing you'd want to make with a dehydrator of your very own.

For bloggers (second entry): Link this post back to your blog for an extra entry! Please leave a comment below letting me know you did :)

For non-bloggers (second entry): If you aren't already, become a follower of my blog and leave a comment below letting me know you did! On the left-hand toolbar, there is a box marked "Followers" become one them, it isn't much of a hassle :) If you already are a follower, thanks, and just leave a second comment telling me you are!

Again, winner will be selected on Monday morning on June 21! The winner will have to send me their contact info within 24 hours so I can ship this baby off because I move :)

Soon these goodies could be yours:

Happy entering and good luck!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The one who gets my diet

Long story short, two things have been keeping me away from blogging and will continue to do for the next two weeks.

1) The last week of insanity before our move:

I'll be dancing around boxes, totes, and stray things until Thursday night!

2) And of course, my quadri-annual (wait... does that mean every 4 years, 4 times a year, or nothing at all?) patriotism embodied by:

Though my World Cup fanatism has died down since France's sweet victory in 1998 when I was 12, I've been taking serious time out of my day to dedicate to recapturing my youth... haha.

Before I get into my brief workout recap, I just have to say that I love that my little two-year-old cousin (my cousin's kid), Eno, is the person who understands Andrew and my dietary choices better than anyone else in my family. Thanks to some seriously awesome parenting from both my cousins, he really understands the concept of eating raw. He'll make sure to know our likes and dislikes before we have dinner, he'll always ask if we want fruit instead of a cooked dessert like everyone else for dessert (he once went to the kitchen to pick me "the ripest mango"... yes, this is a child who knows how to select "the ripest mango"), he'll get really excited to hand us carrots and celery and things when we come to the kitchen... all this intelligence culminated in our visit to see them last Friday.

The scene: Andrew and I playing with Eno on the floor of the family room. I spot a half eaten ginger cookie on the floor, and exclaim "Cookie!" Andrew is about to pick it up and pretend to eat it, but Eno takes it from him and considers for a moment. "Do you want to eat a ginger cookie?" Eno asks, about to hand Andrew the ginger cookie, then pauses. "Do you eat ginger cookies? ... Do you like to eat uncooked ginger cookies?" Come on. He's two. That's admirable. My parents don't even get it that well. I love love love that child.

Not much of a workout recap because I've only been able to do half of Week 3 of Gina's Summer Shape Up though I've pushed double days when I have been to the gym. Hopefully, that won't have to happen this week. Regularity is key! (same goes for my diet since we've been running around... needless to say, I've been stuffing my face with kelp noodles though!!!)

While posting will continue to be very sporadic as our lives are Northward bound, look out for my raw foodie giveaway tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pasta Two Ways

I think I've found love again, not since spirulina have I had such a love affair: kelp noodles. The only opportunity I've had to have them were during a number of visits to Java Green. What is there not to love? They're seaweed and they're like pasta! Two of my greatest loves. Problem is I've never been able to find them on my own in any grocery store anywhere... However, just yesterday, they were wonderfully gifted to me. I absolutely love their texture and they made my night!

To celebrate what will be the first of many dinner dates with kelp noodles, I turned them into a super tasty raw jobche. Jobche (or japchae or chapchae) is a traditional Korean dish made from cellophane noodles (no, not actual cellophane, they're made out of some bean or yam starch) stir fried with sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, and veggies typically including carrots, onions, spinach, and mushrooms. Understandably, Jobche actually means "mixed vegetables". So were mine... but raw-ified of course!

For those who might find the concept of kelp noodles utterly weird, they don't really taste like seaweed at all. In fact, they are pretty close to the asian cellophane noodles mentioned above. They're crunchy but pliable and a little salty. The beauty? All you have to do is rinse them and they're ready to eat. Beyond that kelp is great for your metabolism, boosts weight loss, energy, digestion, and hair and nail health. Not enough? One serving is about 6 calories. Beat that, pasta!

For more food prettiness and because Andrew isn't kelp noodles' #1 fan, I also made a lovely pesto pasta, with julienned zucchini, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, and cucumber slices. For the pesto, I used none other than Meredith's pesto recipe. Again, what's the beauty of raw food? Two pasta dishes under 20 minutes! And people say it's too much trouble... hah!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't Forget to Eat

Eating consistently is one of the most important things you can do for your body and mind. Everyone has always said not to skip meals and the like, so... I'll say it again! I've tried a lot when it comes to tweaking my metabolism to see what works best to feel great and stay healthy. Though I'm sure I still have much to learn, I think I now know what's most important for me. While these aren't totally original, here are just a few pointers I should have listened to more today:

1) Don't skip breakfast: Like many teenage girls, I have to admit that I did skip breakfast for far too long. Adding breakfast back into my life was perhaps the single most noticeable dietary change I made before going raw. Eating breakfast keeps you awake, active, alert, and ready for what the day holds. It fuels you. You can't run an engine on empty or nearly empty without damaging it, can you? And what do all nutritionist and fitness instructors say anyway? It's been proven time and time again that regularly eating breakfast is the best way to lose weight not to gain it.

The most important thing is to keep breakfast light, simple, and nutrient packed. That's why I always go for smoothies (both "plain" fruit smoothies or green smoothies) or simply have some fruit. If you want to go fancy or want a little bit more substance, you can always make your own raw granola and have a tablespoon or two with your smoothie or have it with some homemade nut milk and fruit.

2) Eat Consistently: If you've ever dieted, I'm sure you've felt hungry at some point during your day which probably led you to do some form of binge eating on one day or for one meal leading to a tremendous amount of guilt. Did you also see very little results from that? And if you did get thin, were you healthy, energetic, alive? Probably not. The reason? Metabolism. Again, when you skip meals or don't eat enough, you slow your body's capacity to process food, lowering your metabolism and decreasing your ability to build muscle and burn fat.

Some people say that you can curb this by eating small frequent meals throughout the day, some say every 2 to 3 hours, some say every 3 to 4. Luckily, I've tried it all. When I tried out the Body for Life Diet, I was eating every 2 to 3 hours and while I got great results in terms of muscle-building, it wasn't really what I wanted and it felt like a little too much food. I then tried to make my portions smaller and that worked much better but 5 meals was still kind of pushing if for me. I then tried eating about every 3-4 hours and that worked great too, leading to about only 4 meals a day. More recently, I've also recently back to the traditional 3 meals a day only because I like to stop eating before 6:30-7pm (which also makes a big difference for me) and that's what my schedule allows for. All of these have worked when I made small changes in the amounts and time difference between meals... however, the one consistency is that I always eat my meals and it feels perfect.

On occasion, I'll miss a meal and definitely feel it, because my mind will make me overcompensate for it during the next meal (except during fasting days). So long story short? Skipping meals is always a bad idea!

3) Drink Plenty of Water: We often think we are hungry when all we are is actually thirsty. We think we know the difference between the two, but the body often registers thirst as what we think is a feeling of hunger. When we actually feel thirsty or what we have actually labelled as "feeling thirsty", our body is already dehydrated and telling us it's time to act. Beyond keeping our skin taught and vibrant, drinking lots of water helps us curb unnecessary food cravings and helps us stay full when you might think you need food! So next time you feel hungry, drink a cup of water instead. Wait 20 minutes and then see how you feel. I guarantee you, most of the time, you'll feel just fine. Drink up!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fasting on a Raw Diet

First off, the big heads-up on my blog is for you to look out for my first essential raw food equipment giveaway coming up next Monday!!! It's going to be a good one :)

Day 1 of the Green Smoothie Queen's 10 day Challenge was a fast until dinner. The beautiful thing about being on a raw diet is that fasts really aren't a big deal anymore. Yes, I don't do them often, but when I choose to, I don't really get hungry and it's perfectly painless. I've seen people go through 1 day of fasting and act like it's the most torturous thing they ever have to do, they feel hungry, they get headaches, they can't be very physically active, etc. On a raw diet, I got up this morning, walked around the shops of Georgetown for a couple hours, went for a double weights workout to make up for this weekend, and walked 2 mile home. The result? I feel great! I'm not trying to drum myself up here, but the lifestyle choice I have made. It's really quite fantastic.

According to plan, I broke my fast around 4pm (didn't want to wait too long after my weights workouts) and had a lovely selection of watermelons and some unphotogenic honeydew. It was deliciously refreshing. If you do ever choose to break a fast later in the day, it's recommended that you go for more watery fruits like melons, and that you avoid citrus like grapefruit or oranges because they are a little too acidic for an empty stomach. Am I the only one who gets really full from eating watermelon? I get a water belly from eating it... It's funny. Can't wait for what tomorrow will bring!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Workout Recap

Week 2 of Gina's Summer Shape Up with minor schedule adjustments. Again, gotta say, my back is dying for it but I can't get motivated to do yoga. Why is it that even if we know that something is good for us we still don't do it? My goal is to push myself to actually do more of that for Week 3 which is what I'm assuming will be in store :)

Before I get into the workouts though, I do have to say that I may or may not have had one of the worst (or best?) detoxes ever recently. I was suppose to take those Gaia Herb tinctures that I mentioned 2 weeks ago for 14 days and that time has pretty much come to an end. Two nights ago, I woke up with this crazy stomach pain and won't go into the icky details but... wow. Ever since I've felt amazing though. I guess 1 week of chakra feast juicing and 1 week of green smoothies has really had an effect! Tomorrow, I'm starting the Green Smoothie Queen's 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, and I'm psyched!

Day 1 Speed Workout + Abs
10 minute stretch (I love my foam roller)
4 mile walk

25 minute swim
2 mile walk

20 minute Yoga Download Power Yoga 2
Day 3 Strength Workout + abs
2 mile walk

35 minute swim
2 mile walk

Day 5 Speed Workout (I did 45 minute sprinting and 1 minute recovery for the first half and then 1 minute sprinting-1 minute recovery instead)

Timing did not allow for workouts :( but I did walk lots and lots around hot yoga-esque heat and humidity, and did some therapeutic garden weeding again.

Also, check out the kale goodness our garden has been producing this year (and this is how much we harvest each week):

Friday, June 4, 2010


It was another green, green day today but that won't be the focus of my post. For all you curious raw foodies though, today was all about 2/3 green juicing again. I think this may become something of a permanent habit of mine because I'm really loving it. Breakfast was papaya, frozen pineapple, and spinach. Lunch was me voraciously eating 3/4 of the batch of tabbouleh I made yesterday (think me = lion in the savanna and parsley = poor defenseless wildebeest), assorted veggies and some watermelon. Dinner was another green smoothie of 1 pear, 1/2 frozen banana, beet greens and frisee lettuce, and water. I ate dinner during my weekly use of Pangea's awesome Face Mask, and I was very entertained by the fact that my face mask was the same colour as my green smoothie. Classic. (photo source)

Anyway, on to the actual topic of my day: Self-Appreciation.

We spend way too much time beating ourselves up for things we both do and don't do and it really has to stop! While we can very easily criticize ourselves for having done something wrong, we have a much harder time congratulating ourselves for the things we do right. A post by Michelle over at The Garlic Chronicles made me give this some serious thought recently. She decided to think of 5 things she did right that day and write them down. I thought it was a fabulous idea to get myself into a cycle of positivity and self-love, so I decided to do it too. Again, I tend to think of myself as a happy optimistic person and I thought this would be a cinch.

I sat down, grabbed pen and notebook, and thought "hey, it's just 5 things." And I sat there... and sat there. And sat there. One thing leaked off on to the paper, then #2, and eventually #3. Then I was stuck. Then I started to wonder if #2 really counted because I had actually done X which kind of makes #2 less valid, so it shouldn't count, but sort of, but not... and if that were the case, well #3 was kind of like that too because... I had to tell myself to just STOP! I couldn't believe it was that hard! For some reason, we allow ourselves to think all sorts of negative thoughts not matter how small or even made-up. We accept them and take them as fact, but when we try to think of something positive, we either do not allow ourselves to do so or we think our thought is too small or insignificant to count as valid. For example, the very act of choosing to do this exercise should count as something right because it's a step towards health and happiness. Right things don't have to be big things, we don't have to save a puppy from a burning house or give change to every homeless person we see in our day (though doing both those things obviously be great!), it can just be that you smiled at the person at the check out counter today or that you went to the gym even if you really weren't in the mood.

Apparently, this is an exercise I definitely need to get in the habit of doing. I want to keep doing it until I can just jot down five things I did right on any given day as easily as if you were to ask me to list five things I like to eat (which would be great, since it would be hard for me to pick just five things).

Anyway, if you are someone struggling with who you are, stress, life in general, and/or if you simply want more happiness in your life, I suggest you do this too. Just try it out, even if it's just in your head. You will both learn a great deal about yourself and it'll also make you happy. And isn't that the point of life?

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” (Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy busy bee

So after a day of more relaxed eating yesterday, green smoothies were back in store for today! Taking just one day off has made me realize how much more alive and amazing I feel the more green smoothies (or plain fruit smoothies) I drink in a day rather than other stuff. I started my day with a mixed berry-beet green smoothie. Lunch and snack made up the bulk of my solid food intake for the day. I created what I believe to be an amazing hemp seed tabbouleh (or tabouli to Americans) recipe.

Tabbouleh has always been one of my favourite dishes, but I've always been pretty staunch about the parsley-mint ratio as well as how lemony it is. Too much lemon can just make it too sour, too much parsley just makes it well... parsley-ish (how does describe the particular flavours of parsley?). However, just the right amount of everything makes for a perfectly refreshing dish for a hot summer day. It's no wonder they eat this in the desert. Since tabbouleh is pretty much raw already, all I did was replaced the soaked (or boiled) bulgur/cracked wheat component with hemp seeds and tweaked my ingredient ratios to perfection.

With defrosted leftover pulp from my chakra feast beet juice, I also whipped up a batch of raw flax wraps last night. Today, they turned into Andrew's lunch when they were paired with my most recent raw hummus experimentation and some sliced veggies.

We also went to Whole Foods and couldn't resist their gorgeous selection of local heirloom tomatoes. We had a special heirloom tomato tasting session when we got home... Every single one had its own flavor, saltiness, sweetness and texture. It was a very enlightening experience, considering most people just think a tomato is a tomato (and probably a hydroponic GMO beefsteak tomato at that). I figured it sure beats a wine tasting, which led me to come up with all sorts of fun raw events we could run!

Dinner was my prettiest shade of green to date: 3 large chunks of frozen pineapple, 1 mango, and lots of spinach topped with my superfood mix. Gorgeous, no?

Oh, and FYI since it's summer and berries are now in season, this word has been floating around blog world... My new favourite word:


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Day of Yummies

I've established today that I could never be a raw foodist who mono-diets. By that I mean, I couldn't eat just bananas or just apples or just kale for a whole month, a week, or even for a couple days. I've been making green smoothies for 2/3 of my meals since Monday, and the desire to chew or just to eat something non-green has become somewhat overwhelming. Everything has been absolutely fantastic tasting, but I guess it's still just not cutting it.

I finally food splurged this morning by not putting greens in my breakfast smoothie, and just had a "plain" papaya-frozen pineapple-superfood smoothie instead. It was legendary. Lunch was back to the greens. It was a beautiful 1/2 orange, 1/2 apple, 1 handful of lettuce, 1 big handful of parsley, 3 ice cubes, and one small piece of ginger smoothie. While I thought it would be vile, it was actually really good! I couldn't drink it fast enough (but for digestive reasons, remember to chew your smoothies!) I'm trying to see how many shades of green I can photograph...

My chewing desire became strong enough that I had kale stems with red pepper dip for dinner. Yes, I ate kale stems for dinner. It was actually very exciting. I think stems are often my favourite part of a veggie: kale stems, broccoli stems, cauliflower stems, asparagus stems... I may have been a pig or a goat in another life...

Anyway, instead of taking pictures of veggie parts for you and to celebrate my desire for color and solidity, here are some raw yummies I've been making for Andrew recently:

A peach-banana whip with sliced peaches and superfoods

An Apple Crumble (raw-ified from Averie's blog)

Raw Cranberry Flax Almond Balls (inspired by Averie's Almond Butter Cookies)

Protein Power Squares (inspired by Averie's PB Cookie Dough Balls)