Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Workout Recap & Food Goodies

This week was all about Gina's Summer Shape Up Week 1. It's been awesome, and with the humidity and heat out, it's been a killer... in a good way! All workout days include a 2 mile walk to the gym. Her Speed Day really kicked my a**. For the first time in years, I pushed through the workout like the out of shape 13 year old struggling to laps in PE that I used to be... scary stuff, and I know I have the oppressive weather to thank for that, but by the end I was super energized and felt amazing. In fact, I felt great every day. Because of dentist appointments, parental visits, and the like, I had to switched things up just a bit (plus I added stuff), so here was the run down, but do visit her blog if you're interested in knowing more!

Also, I know I should be doing yoga more regularly. Last summer I got into the habit of getting up early and doing 20 minute Yoga Download sessions every day and I felt amazing, my back never hurt, and I was energized throughout the whole day. Now, I can't seem to take those 20 minutes out of my day even though I'm on summer break. I know I need it, but I just can't do it. Who knows why. So I'm glad Gina's workouts include yoga, but as you can see, I didn't do it til today (which might explain why I was also sore all week for the first time in ages)... I have to add though, that yoga to me is a supplemental to my workouts, not the be all and end all of fitness. But in short, DO YOGA. It works.

Also, for those of you who are curious about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Gina provided an awesome link that recaps all the different ways you can get into it. It's really useful!

Day 1 of Summer Shape Up
I added 3x12 torso rotation (the machine) before the Reverse Crunch on Bench because my back loves them.
Only had time for 10 minutes of hills on treadmill for cardio portion.
I also did the workout as a series of 3 circuits rather than doing each exercise one after the other.

40 minutes of hardcore swimming + sweaty weeding in our swamp garden that felt like more of a workout than the swim did

Day 2 of Summer Shape Up followed by a much needed 10 minute stretch and 100 crunches (3 different types)

Day 4 of Summer Shape Up
I replaced the Stability Ball Hamstring Curls with 3x30 seconds of a Yoga Plow pose, because I find hamstring exercises REALLY bulk up my legs in a way I'm not that into. Doesn't happen to everyone, but I'm one of those people.

20 minutes of HIIT on treadmill
100 crunches (3 types again)
10 minute stretch

Off day

20 minute Yoga for Runners Podcast (from Yoga Downloads)
Lots of walking around hot and humid DC!

We also went back to Cafe Green today, since it's one of the only venues in town with options for raw foodies! They've also recently started serving brunch (with the most sinful and delicious looking vegan breakfasts ever... I almost asked the people at the table next to us to take a picture of their food, but didn't.) so we had to go.

I love places with raw food options because I really miss being able to go out for brunch on Sundays or go out and eat at all. Because Cafe Green is vegan and organic, it's so great not to have to worry about what's in your food. You can just trust that what they are serving you is the best option they have. It's very comforting!

I don't know why all the photos turned out so washed out, but I had a lovely banana-blueberry-something else smoothie:

Andrew had a raw granola breakfast bowl (buckwheat crunchies, raw granola chunks, nut milk, and blueberries):

And we split a side of raw bread with nut cheese. We were supposed to get their delicious coconut spread instead of the cheese but they were out :(. Finally, we had a wonderful seasonal fruit cup that was so yummy it didn't get photographed:

To be honest though, I can't say I'm wildly impressed by their raw dishes. While their vegan food looks and smells amazing, their raw food is 'just' good, the way the guy who never gets a date is always described as "nice". It's a good thing, but it doesn't get you very far. Cafe Green's ethics hugely make up for their "nice" food though, and that's still why we keep going back. For another option, I still prefer their sister cafe, Java Green, by far. Now there's some amazingly yummy food for you.

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