Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Corn, Glorious, Corn

As I mentioned recently, I will most likely be bingeing on corn and watermelon for the next 4 months until they go out of season again. At that point, my love for the two of them will be a long-distance one, and my passions will have to hibernate until it's summer again. While I can eat some fruits and veggies out of season, I find it strange that I can't bring myself to eat either watermelons or corn when it's not summer (I tend to have a hard time eating out-of-season strawberries too, in fact, I get a little fanatical about that one... just ask Andrew... it's not pretty).

So to make the most out of the 10 organic ears of corn we bought over the weekend at MOM's, I made Ani Phyo's Red Pepper Corn Salsa, after trying out Alissa Cohen's Corn Tortillas a couple days ago. It was fresh and delicious, though I feel like it should have had lime in it or something. There's just something about corn and tomatoes that's juuuust right! I also unfortunately didn't have any cilantro or parsley on hand so I had to do without even though the recipe called for it. As a raw foodist, I really should get into the habit of having a constant supply of parsley in my fridge...

Stocking up for our trip, I also made a big batch of a new type of granola that should be ready by tomorrow morning. It's from the I Am Grateful recipe book I just picked up. I still think that their business ethic and their whole positive affirmation menu selection is the most brilliant thing I've ever heard of. I've never even been to Cafe Gratitude and it makes me happy just thinking about it. I guess that's the power of positive intention though! So as I strive to finish my paper: I am Motivated!

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