Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cookie Madness

So apparently, I can't survive one day back home without making some form of unbaked good... While it fills our house with yummy goodness, I have to say it doesn't agree 100% with my stomach. This is purely based on my own experience and intuition, but if there is one way I can caution you to stay 100% healthy and happy on a raw diet it's to stick with raw fruits and veggies as close to 100% as possible. On those days I feel fantabulous. The more dehydrated treats I eat, the less happy I find myself in terms of physical well-being (whether it's general health, body image, etc.). Though a handful of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are a definite necessity, going over that allotment usually has negative emotional and physical consequences for me. I also find them kind of addicting, the more of them I eat, the more of them I feel I need. It's all about moderation, and I haven't been able to keep that in check recently. Obsessive? Perhaps. But I want to feel optimal, and doing this makes me feel subpar.

But enough complaining! We started our day with a fabulous mango-pineapple smoothie with mesquite powder. I'm also back on a morning dose of MSM powder after I realized it actually has made a difference in my skin quality after I tried a test run of not taking it for a little while. Lunch was a long overdue bowl of raw spaghetti (spiralized zucchini and yellow squash) over a bed of romaine with my marinara adapted from Alissa Cohen's book, topped with nutritional yeast and baby broccoli.

Then on to cookie madness. I had planned on making three kinds but I can't help tasting and testing along the way and was feeling over-stuffed after making two kinds. I made a half batch of Living Cuisine's Coconut Caramel Cookies (which actually remind me of Amaretti and will taste fabulous with the raw ice cream I plan on making tomorrow!) and my amended version of her Ginger Snaps (I add 1/4 C of crystallized ginger, 1/2 C ground oats and spelt flakes, and a little bit more sweetener as a result of all that).

So far I adore this recipe book! I've only tried the sweet recipes, but they all have the perfect amount of sweetener in it for me (usually just dates and an optional tablespoon of raw honey or maple syrup). I really like that, as it's adapted to my more recent less sugar-intense palate.

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