Monday, May 24, 2010

Chakra Juice Reboot Day 2: Sacral Chakra

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Another go at a Sacral Chakra feast today focused on all things sweet. I started with my usual glass of lemon water and then it was time to start my cycle of powders and tinctures that I now have to take for 13 more days. After yesterday's nauseating experience, this one went much better. Instead of 2 heaping teaspoons of Rejuve Powder, I only took one and while it was still vile and did give me a little bit of the shakes, it went much more smoothly. Breakfast wasn't quite a juice but was more focused on balancing my chakra using sweetness, aka. a cherry banana whip (with spirulina of course!).

A post-workout lunch (thanks again to Gina for an awesome start into her 2010 4-week Summer Shape-up) were two Vitamix-ed oranges with a 1/2 C of kombucha. Then I descended into kale chip making madness. I'm working on two different recipes right now that I think they may be my best yet!

Throughout the day, I took the tinctures as I was suppose to, and given the little sleep I had last night due to Lost and the workout I did, I'm thinking they're definitely helping making me stay more alert. I also had 1 teaspoon of bee pollen and had some papaya as an afternoon snack as well.

Dinner was two huge slices of watermelon. I figured I could blend or juice them but considering they are over 80% water, why bother? (photo source)

Though I'm still working through sporadic impulses to eat nuts and grains (especially with a fridge full of raw cookies for Andrew), I'm feeling much cleaner already. I really have no idea why I've become so addicted to heavier foods. While I'm still working through lethargy that is probably more related to humidity than diet, all in all, this seemed a much brighter day than yesterday!

Now, all I'm waiting for is for Andrew to come home so I can have another reiki session. If you haven't tried reiki yet, I suggest you look into finding a good practitioner (like any alternative therapy you either find someone amazing and life changing or the exact opposite) because the experience is beyond enlightening! Like a physical detox during which old scars and sicknesses heal, the layers of emotional detox released through reiki is impressive and frightening. Who knew there was so much still stored inside me? It's like I'm peeling off layers of unhealthy emotional and spiritual thoughts one session at a time. Who knew I was holding on to so much I have to let go of? I can't say it's been easy, but it's made me so much more aware.

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