Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chakra Feast Day 7: Crown Chakra

Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra, is the seventh and final chakra making up the last day of my week of chakra feasting. I always believed that if your six other chakras are not balanced, opening your seventh chakra would prove very difficult. The Crown Chakra is the one dedicated to unbridled, unchecked, and pure consciousness. It is at the center of our entire nervous system through the hypothalamus. By releasing the physical, it is the birth of our consciousness and inner wisdom, and the death of our attachment to ego and the body. As the universe flows down through the Crown Chakra, it enhances and enables six lower chakras. The one cannot live without the other six but the six are fed by the one.

Opening our Crown Chakra means tapping into the universal source of truth. It connects us and allows to communicate with our higher self, who knows no ego but only truth and compassion. Our Crown Chakra allows us to know reach the timeless and the spaceless far beyond the realm of the physical. I can't say there is a "goal" to having an open Crown Chakra, but when it is fully aligned, we can find true bliss. I believe that I have been able to tap into this life force during some occasions of my life. That level of deep consciousness is as frightening as it is thrilling. It's everything and nothing. It's beauty.

A closed off Crown Chakra is the most serious of all blockages. It is usually physically expressed by depression, MS, and some other pretty dramatic diseases I'm choosing not to focus on. Emotional imbalances are also depression, but also becoming scattered, argumentative, unsocial, emotionally closed off, or simply unable to learn and take in new things. The best way to curb a closed Crown Chakra is any exercise leading to greater higher consciousness or achieving a trance state. This can be achieved in many ways by different people. Some people need to go for a run, others need to meditate, or simply go outside. I know that a number of things work for me, I can listen to music, dance, do bikram, or anything that allows me to escape my body and just be.

Many sources I looked up suggested I fast for the day, but going to my parents place I knew that would be difficult. However, I did keep eating to a minimum, and feel lovely! The Crown Chakra is associated with purple and white, so the day started with the one purple food I could think of that I had in stock: an acai banana soft serve topped with bits of my spirulina granola. For lunch, my mom had specially made taro and tofu for us so I had a little bit of that. Strangely, I was still craving the purity of white foods today (which both taro and tofu kind of are), so I went with that feeling. Finally, we went to the movies with my parents earlier tonight to see Robin Hood. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Still on a white food jag, I snuck in a container of jicama slices with lime and sea salt for Andrew and I, while my mom smuggled her own homemade organic popcorn for she and my dad (again, LOVE how super food-conscious my mom is. Love her!)

As always, I took my herbs all day and had my tea. To recap, this week went by wonderfully. I know I should probably have focused more time during my actual day to each chakra but the feast has nonetheless raised an awareness in me that I'm going to try to be more conscious of in my every day life. I started out thinking this would be a total juice feast, but I'm a foodie, so who was I kidding in the end. While I did stick to about 50% if not more on juice, I did quite a bit of "cheating" in that sense. Wanting to maintain my full workouts, I also think it would have been a little difficult to live off of just juice (maybe, that's just me...).

All in all, thanks for coming a long on this one week ride with me. I've already got next week set up with another more food entertainment plan. Again, nothing super strict, I just like having other people tell me what to do every once in a while, and I still feel like I need it right now. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all you Americans bloggies, and finally:

I am.
I follow the guidance of the universe and my intuition.
I seek to always accept and share the good in my life.
I am filled with love.
I am eternally grateful.


  1. What an inspirational post and beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the comment and for reading :)