Friday, May 28, 2010

Chakra Feast Day 6: Brow Chakra

The Brow Chakra, the center of our "Third Eye", is our connection to the wisdom the universe has to offer. Through the experiences we have, we gain knowledge, and through that knowledge we gain perspective. It enables us to separate the real from the imagined, the vital from the unimportant. It allows us to become intuitive, optimistic, and knowing.

Ajna in Sanskrit, the Brow Chakra is located between our eyebrows on the forehead. It is said that the Brow Chakra resonates at a higher frequency than your other chakras, and can be activated through the key of A. Linked to the pineal gland, our sixth Chakra is particularly light sensitive and helps regulate the production of the melatonin hormone which regulates sleep and wake. It is also linked to the pituitary gland that regulates our endocrine system, including places like major portions of our brain, eyes, and ears.

Because of its focus on visualization, a balanced Brow Chakra enables foresight, intuition, and clairvoyance. A person with a very open Ajna has a greater awareness of auras, chakras, and can connect to spirit guides easier than others. Lucid dreaming, which I've fostered since I was a child, is one of the Brow Chakra's strongest forms of expression.

On the flip side, someone with a closed brow chakra may have problems with visualization or any type of imagination. They are overly rational and gain insight only by obtaining concrete information from the quantifiable rather than the spiritual or emotional. They may be more judgmental and have a narrower viewpoint than others. Physical repercussions of blocked brow chakra are eye infections, migraines and headaches, hearing problems, and neurological disorders.

When out of balance with Ajna, a person may be more forgetful, doubtful, or be an obsessive worrier and afraid of success. An overactive Brow Chakra causes one to be impatient or not at all present (think "spaced out"), overly dogmatic and one-track minded in terms of goals and opinions.

Opening your Brow Chakra allows you to enlighten every aspect of your life by understanding the relationship between the physical, emotional, and intellectual. By knowing the truth of all your processes, your life experiences ring more true. To help you open your brow chakra, meditation (guided or not), Qi Gong, yoga, or any other visual activity including coloring or drawing are good ways to achieve balance.

Associated to the color indigo, I began to open my sixth chakra with a dark berry smoothie. It had blueberries, raspberries, morello cherries, and acai. I also put in my usual mesquite, maca, and spirulina for a nutritional boost. Since it's not exactly easy to find indigo colored foods, lunch was a light and watery as possible. I figured whatever leads to that kind of physical and nutritional lightness might lead to spiritual enlightenment as well. Therefore, I settled for a giant slice of watermelon to activate my third eye. I also paired it with a shot of my kombucha since the flavor I picked was a darkish berry color, I figured it was kind of like indigo... but not really at all, in truth.

Because of the difficulty of finding indigo colored foods, I opted for whatever my body was in the mood for for dinner. I gave this some thought, and things that kept coming up were "white foods". So on the way home from our workout, I stopped by the Whole Foods and picked up a jicama and some other things for later. So dinner was 1/4 of a jicama sprinkled with sea salt, and my marinated white eggplant that I found a few days ago. It was scrumptious!

Day 6 and I'm feeling super! As always, all my herb taking and green tea drinking is in order. I did forget to have a my lemon and water this morning. I already have my new plan for when this is up. I'm still in a mood that's asking for some form a more structure food plan, I actually find it really fun. It's like the joy of someone else cooking for you, but I still get to be in the kitchen!


I am open to my deepest intuition and knowing.

I am open to new ideas, experience, and people to enhance my happiness and knowledge.

I trust that a reason beyond my understanding is always at work.

I am insightful, intuitive, and alert.

I can see and create anything I want.

I release all fears of knowing the past, living the present, and seeing the future.

It is safe for me to see the truth, no matter what it is. My vision is illuminated by gratitude and love.

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  1. this is my faborite chakra, i have use it a lot