Monday, May 3, 2010

Banana Whip, meet Toppings. Toppings, meet Banana Whip.

I've always been all about good food pairing, the beautiful unions between the totally strange or the absolutely expected, from peanut butter and jelly, goat cheese and preserved figs, potato chips and vanilla ice cream (seriously, try it), to rainbow trout and raspberry jam (apparently, it's a Canadian thing... or so Andrew claims, but it sure is tasty)... I love it all! Recently, I've been trying to set up of my new best friend with a variety of potential suitors, and that best friend would be the Banana Whip.

I'm guessing he's kind of a man's man, because as of yet, every option has worked amazingly well. I don't actually think it's possible for me to go wrong on this one! Whether it's been the banana whip with blended strawberries and spirulina, I've already raved about:

To my more recent plain banana whip topped with my superfood mix:

To Andrew's date, cashew, raw honey banana whip blend. But tonight, oh, tonight, a beautiful thing was made:

A banana whip (1 1/2 bananas), with its usual 3 strawberries sorbet (aka. Vitamixed), mixed in with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter, and topped with cacao nibs and a few chocolate chips. It was like a raw version of PB&J ice cream. Best dinner EVER!

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