Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Workout Recap

30 minutes of Body for Life style HIIT cardio on elliptical
10 minutes of hills on treadmill
5 minute stretch

3x15 db press on stability ball
3x12 seated db press
3x15 db flyes on stability ball
3x15 lateral raises
3x15 bicep curls
3x15 bent over rows
3x15 tricep kickbacks
3x15 lat pulldowns
Ab cycle on stability ball (4 exercises 4x12 + 20 stability ball roll outs)
5 minute 'sprint' on stationary bike
5 minute stretch

30 minute endurance running on treadmill
10 minute hills on treadmill
5 minute stretch

10 minute cardio sprints on elliptical
Ab routine on floor mat (4 exercises 4x12)
3z12 Barbell Squats
3x15 lying side leg raises
1.5 minute plank
3x12 lying side inner leg raises
3x12 calf raises on step
1 minte jump rope
5 minute stretch

1 hour of kayaking!
2.5 mile walk

20 minutes of HIIT on treadmill
10 minutes of hills on treadmill

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