Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Workout Recap

Happy Easter!

10 minute HIIT cardio on stairclimber
10 minute HIIT cardio on elliptical
10 minutes HIIT cardio on treadmill
20 crunches
5 minutes stretch
(This was soooo fun!)

5 minute warmup on stairclimber
Floor mat ab cycle (3x12 of 3 ab exercises)
3x12 barbell chest press
3x12 shoulder shrugs
3x12 torso rotation machine
3x12 dumbbell flyes
3x12 dumbbell front raises
1 minute plank
5 minute stretch

20 minute Body for Life-style interval training on treadmill
5 minute hills on treadmill + 1 minute cooldown
10 minute stretch

6 minute elliptical warmup
Stability Ball Ab Cycle (4x12 of 2 ab exercises)
3x12 lat pulldown machine
3x12 barbell squats
1.5 minute plank
3x12 low row machine
3x12 adduction machine
3x12 lying side leg raises
3x12 calf press machine
10 minute stretch

25 minutes of swimming laps (I try to maintain a 30 second/lap speed)
Shorter swim time that I usually get in but I had to go meet my favourite people at the OCA for lunch!

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