Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Princess and the Banana

Of all the reasons not to have posted yesterday, I have a very valid one! After classes last night, we went over to my sister's place to watch the best movie of 2009, aka. the Princess and the Frog. I have to admit, despite all of my more alternative lifestyle choices, I am a child of Disney, and princess stories just make my world a happier place.

After the first preview we ever saw for this, my sister and I squealed in our theater seats like little girls. I was so psyched to know Disney would be making both a princess movie and use good old fashion hand-drawn animation. I really thought this movie brought all the magic of Disney back to life from their golden days of Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, etc. From the catchy songs, the gorgeous animation, the fun-loving characters (including what might just be the coolest Disney villain of all time), the Princess and the Frog has it all! It recreated all of the enchantment of a classic Disney princess movie with New Orleans flair. What more could a girl ask for really? Especially considering that we've established that I'm very bad a hiding the fact that I will forever live my life knowing that inside I'm a ballerina princess fairy:

Because of Disney awesomeness, I had to put a short hold on my recipe testing and tasting yesterday. However, I finally got to try out Meredith's latest treat for lunch: Candied Bananas! I think these were just about the funnest things to make ever. They may even actually have been more fun to prepare than to eat!

The only thing I experimented with for this recipe was the coating. While I used Meredith's chocolate coating recipe as the base, I rolled each one in a different 'candy coating': one banana was rolled in my usual superfood mix (pulsed through the grinder to become grainier), one with coconut shreds, one with maca and mesquite powder, and one with spirulina of course! These were absolutely delicious and I could definitely see them becoming a staple dessert in our household! They reminded me so much of the chocolate covered or toasted almond Good Humor popsicles we used to eat as kids over the summer, except these are good for you!

Finally, if anyone has fallen into the Agave Nectar = High Fructose Corn Syrup trap that I didn't even want to begin to get into, here is a wonderful response by Susan Power's over at Rawmazing. Why do we always need to find problems with products that are actually trying to better our diets? Even with my mediocre understanding of science, I could see right through that trap. One of their major contentions is that agave nectar has high levels of fructose, ya, so does fruit, and I'm going to keep on eating those!

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