Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Tea Ice Cream

Have I already touted the benefits of green tea? and more specifically matcha green tea? While I've always been a fan of green tea in general, I was first introduced to matcha the way most Asian people are... through green tea ice cream! Of course now, you can find it all over the place, but I remember when it was just something you could find in our local asian grocery store.

Matcha is a higher quality green tea. It's covered before it's picked, making its leaves turn a deeper green than other tea leaves. It also tastes much stronger than other types of tea, so you'll always recognize it once you've had it once. Because of its strong taste, you only need to use a little bit (usually about one teaspoon or so) to get the full range of its taste, colour, and health benefits.

According to Dr. Weil, it has the nutritional value and antioxidant content of 10 glasses of 'regular' green tea, and has a much higher antioxidant count that both blueberries and spinach. Because of its antioxidants, matcha helps you stay young and healthy! It's also high in chlorophyll, fiber, vitamin C, zinc, manganese, selenium, chronium, and tocopherols, amongst other scientific sounding things. It will also keep your skin aglow.

How do I use it when I'm not drinking it? I used to love making vegan cookies and cupcakes out of them. You can find dozens of recipes for those online. They're delicious. Otherwise, I still use them in Andrew's post-workout Raw Rebound Balls, and now... in raw ice cream! I'd been meaning to try raw green tea ice cream for a while, and finally got around to it. Since I've already made Meredith's ice cream recipe by the book, it was time to tweak it :) I'm sorry, I can't help myself! I used less sweetener, and halved the coconut butter, and added one beautiful tablespoon of matcha green powder (I could have probably used a little less, but I got carried away). The result was a strong but fabulous green tea ice cream. If you have your own favourite raw ice cream recipe or want to try Meredith's, definitely try the green tea version!

Where can you find it? As always, I get mine from Nuts Online, but you can find it on most raw food website or in health food stores.

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