Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheesy Dinner

Sorry for my absence over the past couple days. We ended up going to my parents place on Friday, which I used as an excuse to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution with my parents. I really enjoy that show and the message is great. Jamie himself is such an upbeat positive guy and is EXACTLY what the US needs. However, I wish I'd written about this show last week when I was still 100% positive about it. After this week's episode, he left a really bad taste in my mouth when he made a really obvious plug for Green Giant. It came off as such a sell-out moment. One part of his cooking demo totally gave away that it was a product placement rather than any real desire of his to use frozen veggies. He had to take it as far as to claim that frozen veggies "may even contain more nutrients" than regular veggies... disappointing :(

Back to the positive: I also haven't posted for the last two days because I've been obsessed with a couple recipes recently and I've pretty much been living off of them and fruit for the last little while. They would be Alissa Cohen's Mock Tuna and Meredith's fermented cheese and sunflower rye crackers.

Tonight though, I did make Meredith's Red Pepper Cheese Dip with raw veggies and it was as divine as every other recipe of hers that I've tried! The minute I tried it, I wanted to put it in everything. I see it going really well as the 'tomato sauce' on a raw pizza. Otherwise, I want to make raw corn tortillas, slice hot peppers, and served it up as a raw version of nachos, which I'll definitely try once corn is in season! The dip's colour was a beautiful electric red, the taste had such character, and it had a perfect creamy texture.

I also served up some more of her infamous raw cheese, which I have found pairs wonderfully with pickles or with 'fig confit' that my parents just brought me back from France. I had so missed the combination of creamy cheese and fruity jams/dried fruit. Try it out whether you're an omnivore, vegan, or raw! The mixture of the tangy creamy cheese and the sweetness of preserved fruit is a perfect symphony of tastes :)

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