Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chakra Juice Feast #1: Feeding my Root Chakra

In the spirit of my most recent physical/emotional/spiritual journey, I've decided to incorporate a weekly Chakra Juice Feast into my weekly rituals. The reasons behind this are as superficial as giving me fun motivation to have one day of juicing every week, and as complex as making sure my energy system is all properly aligned!

To do this, I'll be juicing foods that are best suited to each chakra. Today, I'm starting with the base of it all, the Root Chakra or Muladhara in Sanskrit.

Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra serves as the solid foundation of our whole energy system. It links us to the physical world, it keeps us grounded. When it is balanced, it allows us to bring solidarity and support to those around us. It allows us to feel grounded, secure, empowered, centered, and have high self-esteem. In doing so, it gives us physical energy, controls our fears, and maintains our overall health. This chakra stores all our learned or inherited beliefs, our survival instincts, our feelings of security and primal urges.

Any physical activity helps us keep our Root Chakra open. If you're a Yoga practitioner, Hatha Yoga and warrior poses that keep us firmly grounded and balanced are key to opening your Root Chakra. Any other 'grounding' type activity might help, for some it might be something as mundane as cooking or cleaning, for others, going outside and taking a walk.

If you're feeling lost, alienated, lacking energy, insecure, or feel like you don't have purpose, you're root chakra might be out of balance. Physically, imbalance can be noted by lower back pain, anemia. depression, and immune system issues among other symptoms. An overly strong Root Chakra is noted if you are particularly egoistic, domineering, greedy, and/or overly judgmental.

To start off my Root Chakra honoring day, I began it with some Hatha Yoga (from Yoga Download). After that I had, a glass of apple, carrot, ginger juice. I had planned on following this up with lunch and dinner juices based on other ground foods like a beet juice, and more, but my sister called me to check out the Eastern Market in DC and we ended up hopping on a bus straight away and spending the day with her! With only a couple months left in DC, we want to get as much out of this city as possible :)

Also, I have to say this day has gone wonderfully. I don't know if it was an amazing coincidence or a sign that I should keep doing these chakra juice feasts, but within one hour of me starting my grounding day, we found the perfect place to move into once we get to Ottawa (we'd been looking and the perfect place just wasn't coming to us and I was starting to lose faith! I was so excited, I think we spent about 10 minutes jumping around the living room. Not only did we find a perfect house right in the best neighbourhood in Ottawa, it's also right beside a grocery store that has a super organic section (we currently live across the street from a WH, so we are kind of spoiled). And icing on our raw vegan cake: we will also be living within a ten minute walk of my favourite vegan restaurant in the whole world: The Green Door, which is also right next to a small natural health food store, The Wheat Berry. What more could I ask for? It's like it was meant to be!

To finish off my day, Andrew is about to give me one of his super Reiki sessions. I've asked him to concentrate on making sure my Root Chakra is up and running. And helping with grounding, self-confidence, and any Muladhara-related issues.

Finally, here are my positive Root Chakra-based affirmations for the day:

My body supports me fully to live a creative, happy, healthy, and optimal life.

My choices are all based on what I know to be right for me.

I am grateful for the opportunities for growth I am offered every day.

I am also grateful for all the challenges that have taught me who I truly am.

Have an awesome weekend!

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