Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beating the muggy DC heat

Though I was busing making new batches of raw cheese, and sunflower rye crackers (addicted, I tell you, addicted!), I had the time to whip up another one of Meredith's winning milkshakes: her vanilla one, by far my favourite. Now this is a milkshake. It had the perfect consistency you expect to find from a good ol' fashion diner milkshake, and I mean that in the best possible way!

It was awesome! We're being hit quite hard by the heat here in DC by temperature we don't usually get until two months from now so this milkshake was the perfect thick yet still liquidy, icy, wonderfully vanilla-tasting remedy for a hot muggy day.

To finish up, like I've mentioned recently, I find craking open up coconuts really challenging. Here are two cooking tips for the day, on how NOT to open a coconut:

and don't try this either:

I think I want to frame a picture of the Swedish Muppet Chef and put him in my kitchen. Happy Cracking!

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