Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, chocolate, and bananas

So the massive DC snow storm has finally arrived, and it is quite the sight! It's absolutely gorgeous and will definitely lead to a relaxing indoor day tomorrow (and by relaxing I mean catching up on lots of school work).

I've just been reading about mono-dieting, and it would seem like something fun to do as a cleanse. In one interview, Pam Boteler, a raw vegan athlete who was an undefeated National Sprint Canoeing champion for 8 years in a row, said that her Doctor (the famous Dr. Doug Graham) had her just eat bananas for one week straight. While she said the physical effects were amazing and it was one of her best weeks of training, it was a huge mental and emotional challenge. One part of me would like to actually get into the 'just eat fruit' for a week plan, but I'm also the person who would like to go on a 'real' juice fast and still can't stick with it, so... each thing in it's own time!

Workout of the Day
20 minutes HIIT + 5 minutes warmup on elliptical
1 minute plank
5 minute stretch

Recipe of the Day:
Made Andrew some of his favourite raw chocolate pecan squares w/ raw 'graham cracker crust' that I made up over the Thanksgiving holiday

Being me, I never actually wrote the recipe down, so I had to make it up again and remembered after I made it how I had done it the first time... though still very yummy, the original recipe was still better (I used date paste as part of the sweetener for the crust instead of just maple syrup, it made it stick together a lot better)

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