Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best Deal!

So I've gotten totally lazy about posting despite the amazing food I've been eating recently, including my first raw food trip to NY where we spent our life savings at Quintessence and High Vibe (who has the friendlist and awesomest staff). The holidays have been amazing (and presents included a Vitamix from my amazing mom!) I have so much to say, but the laziness lingers. In the meantime, check out this amazing deal offered over at Chocolate-covered Katie's blog.

To make Decembers as awesome as mine was, I suggest everyone do something holiday-festive every week. That's what we did and it was so worthwhile this included:

1) Going to see the Nutcracker ballet twice (I felt like a five year old again, it was awesome), once with the Washington Ballet (whose Arabian Dance was literally ballet sex... it was beautiful and amazing) and the one by the Pennsylvania Ballet at the Kennedy Center (whose Pas de Deux, both the choreography and the music practically brought me to ecstatic tears of beauty)

2) Decorating our and my parents house really pretty for both Christmas and both Christmas & Yule for us, including burning advent candles after making our own advent wreath every Sunday

3) Going to Christmas markets and checking out the Christmas lights in both NY and Old Town Alexandria, VA

4) going caroling and listening to Christmas concerts wherever you can find them!

5) Checking out the National Zoo Lights

and so much more...

As I mentioned, we got a Vitamix from my mom for Christmas which is the coolest thing ever. I feel like my raw food life is going to be revolutionized by this wonderful new toy.

I'm also really psyched about starting ballet classes again in January. I want to keep working on my ATS/Tribal Fusion on my own time but really want to start taking dance classes again. After seeing the Nutcracker and generally wanting some form of greater 'structure' to my dance, I thought I would give ballet a shot again after stopping when I was a kid.

Next up, a New Year's trip to Boston and Salem (the prettiest and niftiest town EVER)! Can't wait. Happy Holidays to everyone and all the best for the coming year!

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