Sunday, November 8, 2009

PMS = Please Make Soup

I've mentioned before that as a thirteen year old, I was one of those girls who dreaded 'that time of the month' because to me that meant a couple days of writhing in pain, barely able to stand, hating every minute of it, and wondering 'why why why wasn't I born a boy' (okay, the last one is a total lie). But ever since I start going to the chiropractor, and then adopting vegan and now a raw diet, those symptoms have gone *poof*... really, sometimes I even forget it's even that time when I'm in the middle of it! It's been life changing.

Nevertheless, I still feel some side-effects of the whole moon cycle process usually meaning I have this desire to stay at home and nest... aka. spend more time in the kitchen. However, I also usually totally lose my appetite and revert to just wanting liquids. I understand though, that's it's particularly important right now to get lots of iron, to get my B12, and to keep eating despite how full I always feel. Breaking with the usual rawness of my life, I usually opt for this yummy soup that is not only high in all the nutrient I particularly need right now, but also super tasty:
PMS Soup

1 tsp unpasteurized miso
1/2 tsp spirulina powder
couple handfuls of chopped up spinach
a bunch of enoki mushrooms or some miso soup-type mushroom
sliced up ginger (optional)

Directions: pour hot water (I just use my kettle) into bowl with miso paste and stir til the miso breaks down (I know I'd make Japanese people cry for my lack of miso soup making respect...). Throw in all the rest of the ingredients. It's not super tasty but it has everything in it to make you feel before so drink up!

It's that simple, it's that quick, and it makes you feel that much better! I'm sure you could make a totally raw version, but especially right now, this pretty much is, and I appreciate the warmth.

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