Monday, June 22, 2009

Post-workout Rebound!

What bounces back after a workout? My new raw recipe of course!

Here is my attempt at recreating the health benefits of Nature's Path Rebound Cereal for a quick post-workout snack. I took the cereal box and imitate as much of its ingredients as possible with their raw counterparts, and I got something I'm pretty satisfied with! If a raw counterfeit ever existed to that cereal, I think I just made it:

Rebound Balls

3/4 C sprouted then dehydrated buckwheat groats (grind 1/2 of this amount) or ground oat/wheat flakes
1.5 tbsps flax seeds
1 tsp ground flax
1/2 C ground soaked almonds
pinch of sea salt
cinnamon (to taste)
1 tsp matcha green tea powder
2 tbsps wheat germ
1/4 C sunflower seeds, soaked
1/4 C raisins
1.5 large ripe bananas, well mashed
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp molasses

1. Blend/Mash bananas
2. Add all dry ingredients
3. Add all other wheat ingredients
4. Mix, if it's too dry, add tiny bit of water until you can form them into balls
5. Either chill in fridge, or dehydrate at 105 for 3-4 hours

They're super yummy!

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