Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jae's Awesome new cookbook

So for those of you who don't know, Jae Steele, author of Get it Ripe (probably my favourite vegan cookbook as of yet), is in the process of publishing a new book on raw local food! Not only does she amazingly advocate for organic vegan food, the new local angle will be a great recipe collection to help you deal with every season of the year! On the even more awesome note, I'm having the privilege of being one of her recipe testers. It's been ridiculously fun to be able to test all these recipes. I've made twelve so far, so here are a few pics from what I've recently been doing in the kitchen. I have unfortunately been very lazy to take pictures of all of this so there are a couple for now. I also didn't take the time to photograph things like dressings and teas... I promise to be more diligent from now on! 

For a wonderful breakfast (my partner's 'last' cooked vegan feast before going raw with me), here are Jae's tempeh 'soysauge' patties. I served with her fried green tomatoes (my favourite test recipeas of yet!) and a stack of yummy banana pancakes (the pancakes are from Get it Ripe). Oh, and our cat definitely wanted in on the breakfast. (Obviously, I had my own raw breakfast on the side! I just get a kick out of making all this stuff). For the good of humanity and Jae though, I have been tasting what I make for her! Also here, is a picture of her yummy cranberry almond loaf that had the most wonderful marzipan-y warmth to it!

Yum! Next up, the wonders of chiropracting and/or yoga and the power of laziness even if you know doing something is good for you!

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