Friday, May 8, 2009

How Raw Food Can Change Your Life

So I haven’t blogged in a while largely due to the fact that I’m the midst of final papers and my life seems to have spiraled into insanity. How does one year of grad school go by so fast? Another reason for my lack of blogging is that I’ve currently been tweaking my diet, largely because like when I listened to my body’s sudden call to veganism, it’s been asking me to change again. Though there's absolutely nothing wrong with my health, I feel as though I've been plateauing, and it's not a feeling I like. Plus, when my body talks, I always listen to what it has to say.
Here’s the deal: Though I’ve been strictly vegan for a little under a year (and vegetarian on and off forever), I’ve been flirting with the idea of going raw for quite some time. But here are the questions and concerns that have always steered me away from making that change, and my preliminary answers:
Q: Where will I get my protein? (aside from nuts and seeds, which are a little high in fat for my liking and that I’m not suppose to have too often anyway)
A: After listening to two interviews with Nature Love, on a Podcast by We Like it Raw, and a bunch of other sources, I realize that the whole protein thing may be totally overrated. (and I just REALLY love tofu, seitan, and tempeh)
Q: Can I live off of just fruits and veggies? (I always knew that if I went raw, I want to focus on them and not have to rely on dehydrated products, sprouted grains, etc.)
A: Well, I've been doing it for almost two weeks now and the answers is a resounding yes! You have to deal with craving issues, but they surprisingly slowly go away over time.
Q: But how about baking and cooking???
A: I can always bake and cook for others (which is what I have been doing). The problem is though I’m sure all those raw desserts are great after having been raw for a while, I’ve got to say that all the ones I have tried all taste more or less the same to me because of an over reliance on dates—which give me sugar headaches, and nuts—which go back to the high fat concern)
Despite all that and because of the inspiration of Rebecca’s 30 day raw challenge and a bunch of emails I've exchanged to her current mentor Meredith Frantz, I became really psyched to try going raw. In response to my body’s new demands and going with the momentum of my emails to Meredith, I went raw every other day last week and even making that small a change has made significant differences to my health and energy levels (obviously all in a positive direction!). I’ve never felt better and I feel even amazing and alive after my workouts! This has also led me to go raw for about 95% of the things I eat for the past 5 days (like I said, I'm still cooking and baking for others, so I still do taste and what not). I think this is definitely going to become a bigger if not major part of my life over the next little while. It's been incredibly mentally and physically rewarding and I'm not even doing this full-time!
But no worries! I still have plenty of friends, families and loved ones to cook for, and the recipes are going to keep on coming, but for now it’s time for more veggies!

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