Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seitan in Tomato Mango Sauce

This recipe makes a really addictive caramelized seitan that’s great with anything from rice to stir-fried veggies or on its own. All the ingredients in this recipe can (and should!) be bought organic if possible. You can always add salt to taste, but I try not to. And yes, I will learn to enhance the photo quality of my food.
1 package of
seitan (I love the Westsoy Chicken-Style kind)
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 tablespoons of mango jam (adjust more or less for sweetness)
2 teaspoon apple cidar vinegar
2 teaspoon of soy sauce (low-sodium is always best!)
1 teaspoon of fresh ground pepper
sesame oil for frying (you can substitute with canola or olive but pay attention to the effect that will have on taste!)
chopped onion (optional)
1. Mix everything except the seitan and the onions in a small bowl to make a sauce. Always taste it to see if it’s to your liking (the finish product gets m

ore sugary and thick so keep that in mind)
2. Lightly oil the bottom of a frying pan over medium-high heat
3. If you like onions, caramelize them when the pan is hot by throwing them in with 1/2 tsp. of cane sugar and mixing them until well browned and translucent (about 3 minutes)
4. Add sauce in the center of the pan and let cook for about 2 minutes
5. Add drained seitan and stir until sauce has completely covered the seitan
6. Stir well to avoid sticking and until the sauce has been absorbed by seitan and looks thick and caramelized
7. Enjoy!

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